The Countless Wonders in the Northern Territory Australia; The Home of Ayers Rock, Kakadu and Kata Tjuta


The Northern Territory aka The Territory aka The Top End is classy in its own ways. While other places have things like forests, scenic mountaintops or beaches to boast of natural beauty; this place has Uluru aka Ayers Rock, Nourlangie Rock of Kakadu, and Kata Tjuta aka Mount Olga to boast of.

In my opinion that is way better than things that every other tourist destination has got, because usually a tourist attraction will have something very beautiful from among a list of other places similar to that one, spread across the globe. That is all good, but what we have here in the Northern Territory of Australia is (or rather are) unparalleled.

Uluru and Kata Tjuta are two rock formations that have been in the region since a long time. Way before the current occupants had ever come to this place. Both of the rock formations have extreme cultural value and Uluru on top of that is sacred to the Aboriginal people. Everything in and around Uluru also signifies the historical importance of the place i.e. the ancient paintings made at places around it, the waterholes that are nearby as well as the countless springs.

There are countless myths relating to the creation and the creators of Uluru among the Aboriginal people. There is a story that says that it was made by two kinds who were playing with mud at the time of the creation of everything else; the two kids, they says went to the top of Mount Conner and even now their bodies are preserved there in the shape of boulders. Another one says that:

“The world was once a featureless place. None of the places we know existed until creator beings, in the forms of people, plants and animals, traveled widely across the land. Then, in a process of creation and destruction, they formed the landscape as we know it today.”

They also say that the place is filled with spirits of the creator beings from the time of the creation; these beings are called Tjukuritjaor Waparitja.

Moving on, the Northern Territory prizes itself with the Kata Tjuta, a collection of 36 dome-shaped rock formations packed together. Just like the Uluru, local people have a lot of religious, cultural and sentimental values attached to the Kata Tjuta, they are so secretive about them that the local legends and myths relating to these rock formations are kept away from people who are not natives. Only a few are known publically and out of those, many are attached with the Great Snake King Wanambi. It is believed about Wanambi that he lives on top of the Kata Tjuta and will only leave his place in the dry season i.e. when it is not raining.

While both of these sites give you a lot of insight into the aboriginal culture, wait until you visit the Kakadu National Park. This is a huge chunk of wetlands, forests, lands, rock formations and rocky mountains on the northern edge of Australia and hence the Northern Terriotory. You will find at least 5000 sites with aboriginal petroglyphs and other pieces of art spread over the park; and why not, the aboriginal people have been living in this area for as many as 40,000 years!

Of course you will be highly interested in visiting places that are famous for other things apart from their cultural connections with the native aboriginal people. For that purpose, the Jim Jim Falls, Twin Falls, Gunlom Falls and the Maguk would serve the water lover inside you to the brink.

There is a lot that is still to be explored by humans in the region and what makes it an even better choice for a tour is the fact that it is not as crowded as other famous tourist spots. The Kakadu Park is visited by 200,000 people every year; that is 580 people every day spread across 20,000 square kilometers nature’s love.


‘Celebrity’ Hotels: New York

New York

Many of the Hollywood films choose New York as their shooting site. So it’s a fairly common thing to spot a celebrity in the street or partying in a nightclub. So the question is: Where do they stay? Mentioned below is a list of hotels where celebrities like to stay when in New York City.

The Carlyle

From Jack Nicholson, Leonardo Di Caprio, Mick Jagger to the various Presidents (JFK had an apartment here) and heads of state and even to Lady Diana, The Carlyle is the quintessential celebrity paradise. Located in Madison Avenue, this hotel has a splendid display of art, values privacy and luxury. The atmosphere is very private and residential with the rooms and suited furnished elegantly and beautifully.

The Plaza

The Plaza had hosted celebrities like The Beatles, Mark Twain and Eleanor Roosevelt. It has also been featured in many Hollywood films including Home Alone, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Crocodile Dundee and Plaza Suite. Among the various amenities included is a retail collection housing every major and exclusive boutique? Also included are the wellness and health facilities like the Radu Fitness Center, Caudalie Spa and Warren Tricomi Salon.

Hotel Gansevoort

Located in the Meatpacking District, the minimalistic yet sophisticated Hotel Gansevoort offers a welcome retreat from the humdrum of the urban metropolis. The hotel boasts of ceramic interiors, richly textured walls, Carrara marble and custom made stainless steel sinks. Its heated45-foot outdoor pool with underwater lighting that is accompanied by music 365 days a year is amazing. Celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, Jay-Z, Lindsay Lohan and Nicky Hilton have been spotted in this hotel.

SoHo Grand Hotel

Italian Frette linens and robes, bathroom amenities are some of the features of the rooms at SoHo Grand Hotel. It also includes an entertainment section consisting of CDs of previously visited artists. Maybe this is the reason why the central-SoHo located hotel has hosted celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, Kevin Spacey, K.D Lang and Spike Lee. The guestrooms feature draftsman desks and potter table-like styled nightstands that have been inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement that took place in the late 1800s.

These hotels are the best place to spot a celeb. But no matter what, one sure feels like a celebrity while staying in one of these hotels.

Luxurious Relaxation: Vietnam


There are several options to stay while touring Vietnam. From backpacking hostels that offer single dorm accommodation to some luxurious boutique hotel or some romantic getaway, Vietnam has a lot of variety when it comes to the place to spend one’s nights. But perhaps the best and the most luxurious are:

Ana Mandara Villas Resort & Spa

The Ana Mandara Villas Resort & Spa in the premier location of Da Lat offers 5-star luxurious facilities like an outdoor pool, a sauna, a steam room and a beauty center. A range of beauty treatments and message therapy is offered in the day spa. The bathrooms of the guestrooms include Jacuzzis and the rooms feature amenities like satellite TV.

Princess d’Annam Resort & Spa

Vietnam first all-villa luxury boutique resort, Princess d’Annam, is located in the pristine Ke Ga Bay which is a 4 hour drive away from Ho Chi Minh City. The resort faces a French light house that is a century old and is surrounded by picturesque and magnificent sceneries that includes views of the South China Sea, mountains, sand dunes, red canyons and a rich ecosystem. The outdoor activities include splendid mountain rids, golf and exploring the dirt roads on four-wheelers.

Evason Ana Mandara

Situated at the beachfront of NhaTrang, Evason Ana Mandara offers spectacular views of the Bay of NhaTrang. The guest rooms at this luxury resort are either situated at places with stunning views of the sea or in the plush tropical gardens. The resort has been done with elegant and exquisite décor. Every unit has free internet access and has been provided with Jacuzzis. The several dining options include the Vietnamese and International cuisine offering Pavilion Restaurant and the Beach Restaurant.

Sheraton NhaTrang Hotel &Spa

The Sheraton Hotel overlooks one of the most stunning and spectacular bays in the world, that too with easy access to the beach. There is a jumping-off point for scuba diving, island hopping and snorkeling. The guests can also take a stroll in the sand and drink at the beach bar. While all the rooms boasts an ocean view, this hotel has enviable amenities like a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, a health club and a whopping six restaurants!

Vietnam is a continuously evolving country that perfectly blends the colonial influence of the French, the traditional life of Vietnam and the contemporary living. The rich history and culture, the Asian cuisine and the amazing and fascinating destinations are what color this country. The ever-increasing number of luxury hotels and resorts bears testimony to the ever-changing dynamics of this nation.


The Perfect Serene Getaway: The Thai Way


Some of the most popular places to visit in Southeast Asia are the islands located off the coast of Thailand in the Gulf of Siam and the Andaman Sea. These islands have a party atmosphere and are home to some really spectacular beaches. The Thai islands offer opportunities of spiritual exploration and recreation. But generally most of these islands are overcrowded throughout the year. So if one is looking for peace and serenity and wants a vacation of relaxation, then the following list of islands, which are less-frequently travelled, are prefect getaway option!


The island of KohLanta offers a perfect balance between the overcrowded main islands and the extremely calm and secluded smaller ones. There are aquatic adventures and decent nightlife to attract the travelers but the less developed areas offers a recluse from the fellow travelers.


Located a little south of Koh Chang and 40 kilometers off the coast, KohMak is a sharp contrast from the other Thai Islands because of the lack of clubs and nightclubs. Options of renting a motorbike for exploring the island are also available. One can indulge in a cooking class or view the beaches by kayaking around the lovely waters. This island is a great way of knowing the life of the Thai people. However, in the off-season KohMak gets so quiet that many of the restaurants and resorts close.


Well known for the Valentine’s Day special Underwater Wedding Ceremony, where couples go underwater and get married with an official witnessing this event, KohKradan is the perfect island to spend some time with one’s sweetheart. The island is only four kilometers long and serves as a perfect romantic vacation, so do not hesitate to splurge in a nice resort.


Larger than KohKradan, but part of the same group of islands, KohMook has more accommodation options. The “Farang Beach”, which is favored by foreigners, is among the several beaches here. One can also kayak around the island. KohMook also has the famous Marakot Cave where one can swim in the emerald waters and also relax on the white sand beaches.


Although located in close proximity to the popular island of Koh Phi, KohLipe retains the quietness and tranquility that is lacking in the other popular ones. The island has three beaches from where one can go swimming in the pristine waters and also snorkeling.

The islands of Koh Phi, KohSamui and KohPhangan are the most popular places to visit in Thailand but these places seldom offer any peace and calm that so many travelers seek desperately. A lot of tourists, backpackers and party-frequents crown these islands and leave very less scope for relaxation. The islands mentioned above offer the perfect seclusion from the overcrowded islands.

Manhattan – New York’s Visitors Dreamland


Among the five boroughs of New York City, Manhattan enjoys an exclusive status due to its breathtaking attractions for tourists from all across the globe. Having a wonderful series of Manhattan Island surrounded by three rivers namely East, Harlem and Hudson, this world’s financial hub is visited by more than 50 million foreigners every year. This most expensive borough of NYC is also the home of various multinational media conglomerates. Undoubtedly, Manhattan is the dreamland where travel lovers aspire to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Famous for its skyscrapers, museums and parks, Manhattan offers variety of fun and entertainment options to its visitors. A few must visit places including Washington Square Park, The Central Park, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Apollo Theatre and the list goes on and on.

As soon as you are in Manhattan, you are warmly welcomed by the “The Crossroads of the World – Times Square”. Originally Longacre Square, it was renamed as Times Square in 1904 when the NY Times office got shifted here. If you are excited to experience New York’s galore and glamour, then Empire State Building provides you with this enthralling opportunity.  You must have in your plans an astounding Grand Central Terminal tour. It is not just a train travel but also a worthwhile experience of alifetime; withGrand Central Market equipped with variety of delicious food options and Vanderbilt Hall entertaining with art events.

If you are interested to know about Manhattan’s love and devotion for education, then you will be pleased to have a tour around the world’s top notch universities located here namely Columbia University, New York University and Rockefeller University. For Apple lovers, Manhattan hosts Apple Store at Fifth Avenue. So don’t forget to ride Steve Job’s Glass Elevator – an exciting experience indeed.

The restaurants situated at this populous borough know well how to relish the taste buds of their foreign guests with finger-licking scrumptious cuisines and desserts. Boathouse Restaurant, Tavern on the Green, Eatery, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Balthazar Restaurant, CalleOcho and Pommes Frites etc. are definitely amazing choices to serve your appetite and make Manhattan proud of its hospitality.

Tourism Spots in North Carolina

North Carolina

The southeastern state of United States that is often overlooked by tourists and adventure seekers alike is the state of North Carolina. From the Great Smoky Mountains to the history tours of Asheville, to the intriguing outer banks and fascinating Cape Hatteras national seashore, North Carolina has interesting things to offer all.

The Great Smoky Mountains gets its name from the smoky haze that forms above these mountains. Offering beauty at its best, and nature views in its most original form, the Great Smoky Mountain, National Park is a must visit for all visitors coming to this northern state. Hiking is a common sight here, with several adventure seekers hiking their way through the hazy mountains. Besides the beautiful scenery, which is seen year round, it is especially recommended to travel to this park during or after a rainy season, as the views after a thunderstorm are simply breathtaking and unlike any other seen before.

Theouter banks offer the relaxation and charm of a laidback town, with the Cape Hatteras Island and the Wright Brothers National Memorial. With beautiful sandy beaches, lighthouses, the perfect homes for relaxation and serenity, Cape Hatteras offers stunning views of the sunset and plenty of tantalizing restaurants.

Besides the calmness of the beaches of the outer banks, North Carolina is home to the mystic Blue Ridge Mountains. So called due to the blue color of the mountains as seen from afar, the Blue Ridge parkway is one of the most listed road trips of all those in America. A slow drive on this winding road up the mountains is most recommended for couples and families. With breathtaking views, and interesting flora along the way, the trip offers more than just good photographs for the adventure seeker.

With a strong art and culture scene, there are also several museums in the state for the history lover. From the Maritime Museum to the performing arts theatre in Charlotte, there are plenty of places for the artistic mind to see and feel. All in all, North Carolina is a state which offers a 360 degree package for common man and is surely a must visit state while on a tour to the United States.

Virginia – Let’s exploreall the Amazing Touristic Attractions


Nicknamed as “Old Dominion” and “Mother of Presidents”, the state of Virginia holds a deep historical value for the United States. For the travel enthusiasts who look forward to discover something new from every trip, Virginia carries various astounding attractions. Let’s know about the most exciting touristic attractions of Virginia to get ready for an adventurous and fun filled trip.

At Virginia Beach, which is the richest city of this state and attracts millions of visitors annually, you can extract out happiness, fun and laughter from every moment. Have an inclination towards water related activities;Virginia Beach offers you numerous exciting opportunities via watersports, marathons and surfing challenges.  Famous for its historical places, aquariums and zoos, it’s a perfect fun place for kids and elderly alike. Once you are here, don’t forget to rejoice your taste buds with its mouthwatering cuisine and dessert offerings.

For the history as well as art lovers, Colonial Williamsburg is an amazing place to be at. While your stay at any of the official Williamsburg hotels, cherish wonderful moments with your loved ones by fine dining and shopping experiences.

Why not to enjoy an amazing deal of adventure at Busch Gardens? This European theme park is well known for its fun rides, live stage shows, shopping and off course yummy food choices.  So, don’t forget to take your kids here to be part of its roller coasters and water rides.

Manassas National Battlefield Park is a must visit place in Virginia. This 5000- acre huge park holds the Manassas battles’ memories in a way to let the visitors walk through the times of Civil War. The park’s museum preserves the artifacts, weapons and traces of that era. For visitors’ guidance, Henry Hills Visitor Center is built inside the park. Shenandoah National Park is another interesting sight especially to have an exciting driving experience.  Here, you will definitely enjoy being so close to nature and wildlife via Skyline Drive.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello are the two houses adding feathers to the crown of Virginia. So, before your trip ends don’t miss the chance to see their grandeur and splendor, too.