The Perfect Serene Getaway: The Thai Way


Some of the most popular places to visit in Southeast Asia are the islands located off the coast of Thailand in the Gulf of Siam and the Andaman Sea. These islands have a party atmosphere and are home to some really spectacular beaches. The Thai islands offer opportunities of spiritual exploration and recreation. But generally most of these islands are overcrowded throughout the year. So if one is looking for peace and serenity and wants a vacation of relaxation, then the following list of islands, which are less-frequently travelled, are prefect getaway option!


The island of KohLanta offers a perfect balance between the overcrowded main islands and the extremely calm and secluded smaller ones. There are aquatic adventures and decent nightlife to attract the travelers but the less developed areas offers a recluse from the fellow travelers.


Located a little south of Koh Chang and 40 kilometers off the coast, KohMak is a sharp contrast from the other Thai Islands because of the lack of clubs and nightclubs. Options of renting a motorbike for exploring the island are also available. One can indulge in a cooking class or view the beaches by kayaking around the lovely waters. This island is a great way of knowing the life of the Thai people. However, in the off-season KohMak gets so quiet that many of the restaurants and resorts close.


Well known for the Valentine’s Day special Underwater Wedding Ceremony, where couples go underwater and get married with an official witnessing this event, KohKradan is the perfect island to spend some time with one’s sweetheart. The island is only four kilometers long and serves as a perfect romantic vacation, so do not hesitate to splurge in a nice resort.


Larger than KohKradan, but part of the same group of islands, KohMook has more accommodation options. The “Farang Beach”, which is favored by foreigners, is among the several beaches here. One can also kayak around the island. KohMook also has the famous Marakot Cave where one can swim in the emerald waters and also relax on the white sand beaches.


Although located in close proximity to the popular island of Koh Phi, KohLipe retains the quietness and tranquility that is lacking in the other popular ones. The island has three beaches from where one can go swimming in the pristine waters and also snorkeling.

The islands of Koh Phi, KohSamui and KohPhangan are the most popular places to visit in Thailand but these places seldom offer any peace and calm that so many travelers seek desperately. A lot of tourists, backpackers and party-frequents crown these islands and leave very less scope for relaxation. The islands mentioned above offer the perfect seclusion from the overcrowded islands.


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