Tourism Spots in North Carolina

North Carolina

The southeastern state of United States that is often overlooked by tourists and adventure seekers alike is the state of North Carolina. From the Great Smoky Mountains to the history tours of Asheville, to the intriguing outer banks and fascinating Cape Hatteras national seashore, North Carolina has interesting things to offer all.

The Great Smoky Mountains gets its name from the smoky haze that forms above these mountains. Offering beauty at its best, and nature views in its most original form, the Great Smoky Mountain, National Park is a must visit for all visitors coming to this northern state. Hiking is a common sight here, with several adventure seekers hiking their way through the hazy mountains. Besides the beautiful scenery, which is seen year round, it is especially recommended to travel to this park during or after a rainy season, as the views after a thunderstorm are simply breathtaking and unlike any other seen before.

Theouter banks offer the relaxation and charm of a laidback town, with the Cape Hatteras Island and the Wright Brothers National Memorial. With beautiful sandy beaches, lighthouses, the perfect homes for relaxation and serenity, Cape Hatteras offers stunning views of the sunset and plenty of tantalizing restaurants.

Besides the calmness of the beaches of the outer banks, North Carolina is home to the mystic Blue Ridge Mountains. So called due to the blue color of the mountains as seen from afar, the Blue Ridge parkway is one of the most listed road trips of all those in America. A slow drive on this winding road up the mountains is most recommended for couples and families. With breathtaking views, and interesting flora along the way, the trip offers more than just good photographs for the adventure seeker.

With a strong art and culture scene, there are also several museums in the state for the history lover. From the Maritime Museum to the performing arts theatre in Charlotte, there are plenty of places for the artistic mind to see and feel. All in all, North Carolina is a state which offers a 360 degree package for common man and is surely a must visit state while on a tour to the United States.


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