Tokyo: A Truly Asian experience:


Tokyo is the capital of japan and the heart of the great Tokyo area. This is the most populated city in the world but several people have vouched it to be the most therapeutic. The fastest growing tech capital of the world, Tokyo offers several sights which we get nowhere else in the world making this one of the most unique experiences around. The city offers many surprises and is truly a place of great learning and knowledge. The best places in Tokyo are the ones you stumble upon but here are a few guidelines for a more careful stumbling experience:


Staying true to its name, this garden offers breath-taking beauty in the form of the Asian fauna. Known to be very quiet and peaceful throughout the day many monks prefer going here or to a nearby place to meditate. This place often describes, as a green spot in a sea of cement is a beautiful landmark of ancient china’s glorious fauna and natural environment. Being here is a once in a lifetime chance and this place is one in a million that offers so much more than words can really describe. For a truly uplifting experience do visit.

This famous landmark in the city is opened by a famous double iron gate that regularly appears in Asian movies.  This is a shrine dedicated to emperor and Empress Meiji who ruled japan in the glory days. The shrine itself is always full of exotic plants and birds but always has a peaceful and tranquil vibe about it. The monks meditate here for hours or even days and are not disturbed even a bit. It is a truly uplifting place that leaves its visitors speechless and full of gratitude for life and peace. This is the embodiment of the spirit of Tokyo.

Asakusa is a place surrounded by hawkers, small shops. Also the famous Senso ji temple that has a world famous architectural design surrounds the place. The place, like Tokyo has a sense of restless calmness about it that grows on you. This place can be called the true Tokyo experience and the spirit of this place sticks to you for a very long time. The architecture can be admired by enthusiast across the world and is one of the premium tourist spots across the world. The city of Tokyo is often imagined as by this building making it a cultural forefront of the Tokyo experience.


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