Rio de Janerio : Come visit the ‘samba’ city


The second largest city in Brazil, Rio de Janerio or simply Rio boasts of extremely breathtaking natural formations and beaches that as promised, take your breath away. Known for its sprawling beaches and incredible harbor and the rock formations that surround it, it also is the cultural hub of the country hosting annual carnivals and brilliant fairs and dance festivals. It also hosted the latest world cup and is the place to be for all you lively people who are looking for a fun time. The most famous attractions include:

Christ the Redeemer statue:
Perched atop the 710 meter high peak of Corcovado Peak, the statue of Christ, which is world famous as the one with the open hands, stands with arms outstretched, gazing serenely out over the city. It is the largest Christ statue in the world and definitely the most recognized. After a long train ride to the foothills and a climb of over 100 steps the view that greets us is something only Rio can offer.  This towering landmark is said to have taken over 20 years to make and also one of the most intricate. Going to Rio and not going here is a sin in sane eyes.


Foremost being a beach, Copacabana has so much more to offer. Fondly known as ‘cariocas’ this beach plays an important role in the day-to-day life of everyone in this city. There is always a spirited game of football going on. Fort Copacabana, a military base with a wartime museum that is open to the public. The main attraction is the happening nature of this place. The 2.5 km coat line is full of white sand and blue water making it the perfect spot to spend a lazy beach day playing football or volleyball. The Characters you meet here will stay with you for life, just like this city.


The most famous of the three natural rock formations of the famous Rio Harbor, this one stands out for sheer size.  Standing at a astounding 400m height, Sugarloaf mountain is a monolith of quartz and granite that visitors can crest via a glass-walled cable car known as a “Bondinho” or “Teleférico.” The mountain is a part of the seven natural wonders of the world. The view from the mountains summit is spectacular. The harbor stands below it in a sea of blue with white specks of ships. Stay there and relax in the perfect holiday destination of the world.


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