Barcelona: The City of love, football and beauty.


Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonia community. It is the second largest city in Spain. Known for its beauty and architecture, Barcelona warms your heart with its hospitality. It is a cultural and industrial goldmine that has to be seen in leisure and taken in completely. This city has the ability to leave lasting impacts on the life of its tourists. The city boasts of exemplary roads and travel networks that help you look around better. The places you must see here are:

La Sagrada Familia:
This world famous basilica is present right at the heart of the city. The building has been under construction since 1882 and is still in construction.  The dedication and effort put into the intricacies in architecture are evident from the sheer effort. Its uniqueness, its boldness and sheer size are breathtaking. It is under construction, which means that each time you visit you will see something new. You will also be witnessing a masterpiece in its creation as the work will be going on whilst you visit. This is a must go and this will create a lasting impact in your heart.

L’Aquarium Barcelona:
This is one tourist attraction that will definitely attract your kids and also bring out the child in you. The aquarium is extremely huge and has one of the highest collection rare tropical seawater and fresh water fish. Situated in Port Veil this aquarium has several sharks and whales as well proving to be a marvelous place to visit. If you are an outdoorsy person who loves animals this is the place to be in Barcelona.
This goes without saying that if you are a football fan and are in Barcelona this is a must visit site. The walls of this museum are adorned with the amazing trophies and the pictures of the legends that graced the beautiful game. The changing rooms are a life altering experience as you get to witness the places where your childhood heroes sit and get advise an prepare for a match. The stadium know as Camp NOU is one of the largest in the world and watching a match here is the closest you can come to sports heaven. This is truly a must visit and watching a game here is optional but encouraged.


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