Perth… Australia’s most Popular Destination


The Australian economy relies a lot on its tourism industries, as it is one of the favorite of many people seeking to spend vacation in a place that offers a plethora of enjoyments. Australia is famous for its amazing tourist destinations that include several coastal cities like Sydney and Melbourne. There are also various other such tourist spots like that of Queensland, Gold Coast and also the Great Barrier Reef. Apart from these, there are also other popular places in Australia like the wilderness of Tasmania.
Among all the places that are famous tourist attractions in Australia, the city that is particularly famous for having a hugely variety of places is Perth. In Australia, it is the largest city and is known to be one of the cities of high population. Every year, Perth has millions of visitors from within Australia and from all over the world. The city center which is called Fremantle attracts the largest number of tourists. Apart from this the Swan River and the Cultural Centre of Perth also attract many tourists from all over the world. There are several famous museums all over the city. In West Perth there is a very famous science museum called the Scitech Discovery Centre that is known for regularly holding exhibitions on a vast number of subjects that include issues relating to science and technology. Sometimes Scitech also arranges various kinds of demonstration shows that are conducted live, these are shown in the planetarium that is just near Scitech and is called Horizon.


Apart from these places, there is a museum in Fermantle called Western Australian Maritime Museum famous for displaying objects of maritime from various eras. There is Australia II in this museum which is famous for having won the 1983 America’s Cup. Another museum in Fermantle of Perth is the Army Museum of Western Australia where you can see the famous artillery barracks.
There are also many old structures in this museum that will remind the tourist of Australia’s active involvement in the military services in Western Australia. The three Victorian Crosses also are kept in this museum. Apart from these two museums the city of Perth is famous for having several such sites of heritage that will show you a lot about Australia’s past and its culture. There are also various shopping outlets in Perth which are mostly in Murray Street and the Hay Street. There is yet another pedestrian mall in Forrest Place which is a connecting link between Murray Street Mall and Wellington Street.


Overall, Perth is your perfect destination if you are looking for spending your vacation in a city that will keep you entertained with its diverse tourist destinations.


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