The Picturesque City of Delft, Netherlands

city of delt

Netherlands is known as the epitome of European beauty; and we are not just talking about the natural beauty, this includes the architectural landmarks too. A classy example of the same would be the city of Delft.

While I could suggest you a ton of places to spend your time there, the first place I would suggest you is the New Church, Markt. Not only is it around six and a half centuries old, it also poses many mausoleums as well as some of the exquisite work of European architecture. The windows’ stained glass of the church are an icon all over the country. The most interesting thing you could do is go to the top of the 108.75 meters high tower and enjoy the whole city’s view.

Talking of the city, the town center is lined with canals, which is one of the primary reasons that the city is so famous among tourists. There are numerous canals separating monumental historic buildings that are connected to each other through bridges – reminds me of Venice.  Being in the midst of all these magnificent buildings and the endlessly romantic canals, it would be a crime not to take a boat trip. The rondvaart delft and the salonboot den hag are the must haves on your to do list when in Delft.

Among the buildings mentioned earlier, the Oud Kerk, Nieuwe Kerk around the Old Church as well as the army museum of Legermuseum are some of the most important ones. Moreover, if your visit is going to be longer than a couple of days, the Delft City Hall and the Oostpoort (last standing gate from the 1400s) are sights worth seeing.

Like I said above, the historical buildings are not the only things that the city has to offer. Delft is filled with naturally beautiful places like the Delftse Hout Lake, which is basically where the city was created as well as the Nootdorpse Plassen, the most renowned natural tourist destination of the region. Last but not the least, if you are in town in spring time; consider yourself lucky as the trees would give you shivers with their fiery red leaves that come in stark contrast with the lush green grass that grows beside every road and in all the parks especially the Plantagegeer. I am sure you are going to have a time full of experiences, do not miss out on the opportunity if you have one.


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