Durham- City on the Move

DurhamWhether you recognize Durham as the “Bull City” or as the “City of Medicine” it is easy to understand why a number of businesses and residents call this city home. Situated in the middle of the Atlantic beaches and the Great Smoky Mountains, Durham is a place that resides above 300 restaurants, above 40 yearly festivals, Durham Bulls Triple-A baseball, North Carolina Central and Duke Universities, top medical facilities, science and art museums and a lot more. With visitors above 5.3 million yearly, this city ranked as the top places visited at RDU International Airport.

Durham, dwelling the famous Durham Cathedral and Castle World Heritage Site, resides in the middle of the beautiful country in which extraordinary countryside as well as breathtaking coastline are mapped with cultural treasures.

Run for peace and calmness in the North Pennines Area and Durham Dales blessed with natural beauty for relaxation and getting active in the outdoors. Also one can experience the never-ending beauty of High Force waterfall along with the Durham Heritage Coast. With multiple fine dining options, it’s a perfect place to have a great time with your loved ones. It has the capacity to provide you with hundreds of amazing ways to cherish your special moments and to add them in your memory album for the rest of your life.

For the tourists and visitors interested in history, there is a chance to discover the historical heritage of Durham in the Beamish Museum as well as the Locomotion: National Railway Museum located in Shildon. As for those who are fond of culture, they would be really surprised to see the remarkable collection and amazing exhibitions in the Bowes Museum.

Throughout the year, Durham is full of colorful events to enjoy. If you want to visit a place that inspires you and hosts a number of exciting experiences then definitely Durham is the place to be in 2014. But wait! The moment you think you explored the entire city, Durham will never stop revealing its concealed gems in every nook and corner.


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