Taiwan, a beauty beyond measure!


Taiwan remains largely undiscovered with its all-round adventure landscape, diverse folk traditions and a heritage-rich capital, not forgetting its exciting night market scene. Many who visit it find it to be a wonderful gem to explore. The beautiful cultural mix within the region is a diverse mix of Western, Chinese, Japanese and indigenous influences. As such you will find different cuisines and traditions to taste and explore.

Dubbed as the beautiful Isle, Taiwan does offer visitors marble-walled gorges, towering sea-cliffs, and tropical forests to explore and admire. Thick towering mountains are a fascination to many visitors, while mouth-watering dishes are sure to whet your appetite! Delicious foods are uniquely served at the night markets that dot this gorgeous island. A visit to the market will leave you undecided as to which plate to go for, should it be the mouth-watering Chinese food, the delectable Japanese food or the scrumptious dishes from specialty kitchens.

 You get to explore the region’s heritage, which is a reflection of the entire Chinese tradition of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and an amorphous collection of demons and deities worshiped as folk faith, a fascinatingly rich tradition that awaits your discovery.

While in Taiwan, be sure to visit with some special destinations such as:

  • The Taroko Gorge, which is a popular walking and hiking destination on the 18km marble-walled gorge. While on your hike, you get to enjoy some truly breathtaking sceneries!
  • Miaokou Night Market, for some mouthwatering food
  • The Yushan Peaks for some fun hiking and trekking
  • The National Palace Museum, which is home to the largest collection of Chinese art. Here you will find everything from calligraphy, painting, laguerware, and statuary to bronzes, jade, ceramic and religious objects.
  • Explore the southern temple design with a visit to the Longshan Temple
  • Pay a visit to one of Taiwan’s breathtaking natural vistas with a visit to the Sun moon Lake.
  • The Walami Trail awaits your hiking enthusiasm, with its gorgeous high waterfalls, lookouts, suspension bridges and monkeys making their way through the trees.
  • Pay a visit to Penghu if pristine beaches are what you are looking for. Also in this area you will find magnificent temples and the traditional Chinese-style homes surrounded by coral walls.

Regardless of what brings you to Taiwan, there is a bucket load of places to visit and things to do. Once you begin your exploration, you will be simply amazed by the gorgeous beauty and wonder that is Taiwan!


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