Son Doong Cave: A cave with a life of its own!

Son Doong Cave

It is hard to believe that a cave went completely undiscovered till 2009! The Son doong cave, dubbed as the world’s largest cave, was fully explored in 2009. The cave, which is located in Quang Binh pprovinve, Vietnam was found in 1991 by a local man Ho Khanh. It was later discovered and fully explored by British cavers in 2009. Its name, Son Doong loosely translates to “mountain river cave”

This phenomenal cave came into being millions of years ago when the river water ate away the limestone underneath the mountain, where it was weak. This led to the ceiling collapsing and a creation of huge skylights.

The cave stretches for over 5.5 miles, has a river, a jungle and the capability to fit a 40-story skyscraper within its walls. Entrance to the cave is limited, with only about 220 permits issued out annually. For those lucky enough to make it to the list though, you will be glad to explore this bewitching wonder. Huge shafts of light, which makes it easy for 100-foot tall trees to thrive within the cave, penetrate the vast caverns.

When entering the cave, you will notice that the entrance is quite small. You will need to descend 80m down a steep wall by use of ropes and harnesses. Colossal 260 foot stalactites are present within the cave, in fact, some visitors do camp near Hand of Dog, a gigantic stalagmite that resemble a dog’s paw on the first night of their visit to the cave.

There is what has been named the “Garden of Eden” where you will find flying foxes and monkeys making their home. Rare cave pearls can be found within the cave, these pearls have been formulated over hundreds of years. You will notice plant species around the waterfalls, which according to scientists have not been seen anywhere before.

The cave is a surreal place to visit and provides visitors with beautiful days of exploring a gorgeous beauty that leaves many in awe. It seems like the cave is a whole new region of its own, complete with its own climate, jungle and river. The cave is purported to have at least 150 individual caves in its network. The inhabited jungle may not be for the faint at heart, but is an adventurous wonder for those who seek to discover a whole new paradise!


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