Get Lost in the Laikipia wilderness!


Kenya as a country is blessed with a number of interesting places to explore. One such place is the Laikipia Plateau. Beautifully nestled between the foothills of Mount Kenya and the shores of Lake Baringo, this gorgeous region leaves many unwilling to leave because of its breathtaking beauty.

Granted, the Laikipia Plateau is one of the lesser-known wildlife areas in Kenya, however, a visit to the region will leave you craving for more of the area! In case you have a burning desire to visit with plenty of endangered species, then the Laikipia plateau is your answer. Here, you will find a vast array of wildlife from the reticulated giraffe to the Somali ostrich, from Jackson’s hartebeest to Grevy’s zebra and many more! The area does have one of the highest zebra concentrations on the continent. The gorgeous animals are left roaming majestically on the breathtaking lands.

Because the land is vast, it is divided into ranches or wildlife conservancies, each with its own fascinating wonder waiting to be explored. There are seven large conservancies awaiting your exploration, which include; Loisaba Wilderness, the Lekurruki Group ranch, Borana Ranch, Sabuk Wilderness, II N’gwesi Group ranch, Lewa Wilderness Conservancy and Sosian Ranch. Different communities run the different ranches and you will notice on your visit that they are very different from each other. For example, the Lekurruki Group ranch and II N’gwesi are run by Maasai communities, the Samburu communities work closely with the Sabuk Wilderness ranch while other such as Lewa play an instrumental role in education and research. The region is sustained and protected through a unique mix of private and public partnerships.

Owing to the communities that help sustain the ranches in the region, you will also be able to learn of the different cultures and traditions of the communities. A number of ranches are privately owned though and entrance may be at the discretion of the owners. A wide range of landscapes can be found on the ranches, with most being dominated by acacia bush land and large expanses of open grasslands(the north and southern parts of the district) while others do boast of dense olive and cedar forests(the eastern part of the district)

You can access the region by road from Nanyuki, Baringo, Eldoret or Isiolo. A 4wd is essential to travel through the loosely defined area while some of the ranches do have their own airstrips, for use by a charter aircraft.


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