Best Beach Place in United States: Hawaii


United States is full of diverse beaches, and these beaches are known for their beautiful smooth sand, calm clean waters. They attract plenty of tourists from all over the world. Maui is a city that is famous for the Ho’okipa Beach and its enchanting burgundy colored sand.

 However, Big Island in Hawaii has the best beaches. It is a majestic beach where you get to spend a perfect vacation with your family. This beach has unique geographical features. Long Island boasts of beautiful beaches that have black sand and also has snow covered mountains. There are lava deserts and beautiful rainforests that are lush and very steamy. This island also has an active volcano that is constantly increasing the place’s mass of land. In Big Island there are hiking trails and lovely state parks. You can even go there for a romantic getaway as it is full of Tiki and luaus and the environment is great for honeymooners. The best part is that the beaches comprise of unique colors that are rarely seen anywhere else.

 Tourists adore the beaches on the west side of Long Island. There are lots of choices of bed and breakfast that you can choose from and you can even buy lots of souvenirs and try the local delicacies in the Hilo Farmers Market.

 Apart from Big Island, Kolekole Beach Park in Hawaii is another picturesque beach that has jungle gardens right beside the ocean and a stream flows nearby. The Hilo Beach in Hawaii is the favorite of the locals and tourists as well. The ocean is shallow and has a sand bottom and therefore many tourists come to swim here. From here you get a lovely view of the Hilo Bay and it is also an ideal spot for family snorkeling.

 Hawaii is the ideal location in United States if you want to visit and make the most of the lovely beaches. Vacationing in Hawaii will be enjoyable for both your family and you as the beaches here are exquisite and uniquely different from the other beaches.


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