Perth… Australia’s most Popular Destination


The Australian economy relies a lot on its tourism industries, as it is one of the favorite of many people seeking to spend vacation in a place that offers a plethora of enjoyments. Australia is famous for its amazing tourist destinations that include several coastal cities like Sydney and Melbourne. There are also various other such tourist spots like that of Queensland, Gold Coast and also the Great Barrier Reef. Apart from these, there are also other popular places in Australia like the wilderness of Tasmania.
Among all the places that are famous tourist attractions in Australia, the city that is particularly famous for having a hugely variety of places is Perth. In Australia, it is the largest city and is known to be one of the cities of high population. Every year, Perth has millions of visitors from within Australia and from all over the world. The city center which is called Fremantle attracts the largest number of tourists. Apart from this the Swan River and the Cultural Centre of Perth also attract many tourists from all over the world. There are several famous museums all over the city. In West Perth there is a very famous science museum called the Scitech Discovery Centre that is known for regularly holding exhibitions on a vast number of subjects that include issues relating to science and technology. Sometimes Scitech also arranges various kinds of demonstration shows that are conducted live, these are shown in the planetarium that is just near Scitech and is called Horizon.


Apart from these places, there is a museum in Fermantle called Western Australian Maritime Museum famous for displaying objects of maritime from various eras. There is Australia II in this museum which is famous for having won the 1983 America’s Cup. Another museum in Fermantle of Perth is the Army Museum of Western Australia where you can see the famous artillery barracks.
There are also many old structures in this museum that will remind the tourist of Australia’s active involvement in the military services in Western Australia. The three Victorian Crosses also are kept in this museum. Apart from these two museums the city of Perth is famous for having several such sites of heritage that will show you a lot about Australia’s past and its culture. There are also various shopping outlets in Perth which are mostly in Murray Street and the Hay Street. There is yet another pedestrian mall in Forrest Place which is a connecting link between Murray Street Mall and Wellington Street.


Overall, Perth is your perfect destination if you are looking for spending your vacation in a city that will keep you entertained with its diverse tourist destinations.


Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

The citadel in Machu Picchu is visited by almost 2,000 people every day. Each year the number of visitors increases by 6 percent. It is believed that this particular place is being crowded by lots of tourists.

Machu Picchu is a site that is situated in the very slopes of the steep mountains, and unfortunately these slopes are continuously being destroyed by erosion that is caused by rainfalls and landslides. The location of Machu Pichhu is very clean. Machu Picchu is also known for being the ‘lost city’. The reason for this is that the jungle had been covering the most part of this place when it was found by Hiram Bingham III in the year of 1911. After this when the excessive trees and shrubs were removed the entire area of ruins got discovered.

When tourists visit Machu Pichhu they should at least make it a point to spend one night in the town that is nearest to Machu Pichhu, this place is called Augus Calientes. There are various kinds of places where tourists can live while in Machu Pichhu. The architecture of Machu Pichhu is placed on a marvelous structure of limestone that is mortar free, and below it is a very high plateau that goes deep into the jungle of Amazon. If you want to go to Machu Pichhu from Cusco then you have to take the train, otherwise you can simply go on your foot through the hiking trail.

Machu Picchu is a very mythical city and is known for being mysterious in many aspects. This city is situated on the top of the Andes of Peru and it is famous for many reasons. A lot of pictures can be taken of this lovely place and as you have to walk a lot while visiting Machu Picchu, you get the chance to fully enjoy the beautiful sceneries all around.

You have to initially trek for four long days and then pass the Sun Gate. As you do so you’re taken to another time. While on the way of Inka Trek you will see lots of ruins but the one reason that will make you remember Macchu Picchu is its vast size. The Inti Watana Stone built by the Incas, Inti Machay and finally the amazing royal forest of the sun are the basic tourist spots of this place.

The Picturesque City of Delft, Netherlands

city of delt

Netherlands is known as the epitome of European beauty; and we are not just talking about the natural beauty, this includes the architectural landmarks too. A classy example of the same would be the city of Delft.

While I could suggest you a ton of places to spend your time there, the first place I would suggest you is the New Church, Markt. Not only is it around six and a half centuries old, it also poses many mausoleums as well as some of the exquisite work of European architecture. The windows’ stained glass of the church are an icon all over the country. The most interesting thing you could do is go to the top of the 108.75 meters high tower and enjoy the whole city’s view.

Talking of the city, the town center is lined with canals, which is one of the primary reasons that the city is so famous among tourists. There are numerous canals separating monumental historic buildings that are connected to each other through bridges – reminds me of Venice.  Being in the midst of all these magnificent buildings and the endlessly romantic canals, it would be a crime not to take a boat trip. The rondvaart delft and the salonboot den hag are the must haves on your to do list when in Delft.

Among the buildings mentioned earlier, the Oud Kerk, Nieuwe Kerk around the Old Church as well as the army museum of Legermuseum are some of the most important ones. Moreover, if your visit is going to be longer than a couple of days, the Delft City Hall and the Oostpoort (last standing gate from the 1400s) are sights worth seeing.

Like I said above, the historical buildings are not the only things that the city has to offer. Delft is filled with naturally beautiful places like the Delftse Hout Lake, which is basically where the city was created as well as the Nootdorpse Plassen, the most renowned natural tourist destination of the region. Last but not the least, if you are in town in spring time; consider yourself lucky as the trees would give you shivers with their fiery red leaves that come in stark contrast with the lush green grass that grows beside every road and in all the parks especially the Plantagegeer. I am sure you are going to have a time full of experiences, do not miss out on the opportunity if you have one.

Why Las Vegas is Popular for Casinos


Las Vegas is renowned all over the world for being a major center of entertainment. It is rightfully called the playground of America.

 While all the casinos offer luxury, there are differences between these casinos based on the kinds of games that are played here and the amenities that these casinos offer. The one factor that is common among all these casinos is that they all have the perfect atmosphere of endless gambling, and almost all the casinos have their own favorite game.

 Gamers who are looking for spending their time gambling and playing in casinos should definitely visit this part of Las Vegas. Among all the other casinos that are situated here it is a fact that two of the most popular casinos are located in the downtown area. Among these, The D Las Vegas is a casino that has two levels. There is a casino that is located upstairs as well, which is a vintage style. On the other hand the other very popular casino called ‘Downtown Grand Las Vegas Hotel and Casino’ is famous for its very trendy interior designs that are based on an industrial theme. Guests are always welcome to gamble here. This particular casino has a walk up window and along with that there is also a sports book.

 Then again some of the best casino of the city are in the Strip itself. The one that is chosen by critics and visitors to be number one is ‘The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’. This casino has glass walls that go from the floor up to the ceiling and the interior designs of this casino are also fabulous. Though it is a relatively new casino and has been opened only recently, gamblers have already chosen it to be their favorite spot for the best gaming experience.

 Among the many other older casinos of Las Vegas that grew obsolete with the progress of time, a certain casino named ‘Tropicana Las Vegas’ survived the time period when casinos were undergoing various changes. In the year of 2010 this casino got thoroughly renovated and in order to keep up with changing times, it installed new games. This transformation cost the casino owner a sum total of 200 million dollars. The renovations were done on the basis of the South Beach theme. These drastic changes welcomed new gamers and gave the entire casino a much airy and dazzling feeling.

Another such casino named Air Resort and Casino is a snazzy modern hub for gamers and is known for its much-sophisticated designs. It has a gaming area of about 150,000 square feet and the gamblers here have the liberty of trying their luck at various games like craps, roulette, blackjack, Let it Ride and baccarat.

These Las Vegas casinos make the city an exquisite tourist destination in itself. The luxurious hotels and casinos here redefine nightlife and a trip to the city that never sleeps is enough to make you have an unforgettable time.

Let’s Know About Middlesbrough – The Sportsmen Town


Are you tired of sitting at home during vacations and need to plan out something interesting and enthralling? Well, if you are up to some fun and travelling, then Middleborough is the place to be. A huge town located on River Tees’ south bank in north east of England residing in the North Yorkshire is Middleborough. Middleborough Borough Council is the local council of the area. It is a portion of the bigger area of Teesside having a total population of 376, 333 in accordance with the census of 2011.

The two main recreational park spots in Middleborough are Stewart Park and Albert Park, Marton. Amongst the most southerly places of the town is the Newham Grange Leisure Farm located in CoulbyNewham. This farm is operating since the 17th century and has now developed into a leisure place having the initial residential progress of suburbs towards 1970s. This farm also holds the privilege of being one of the major attractions for the tourists all over the world because of its amazing collection of sheep, cattle and various other farm animals. It is well known for its exhibitions that add up to the history of farming of Middleborough.

When it comes to food and taste, the town is famous for its Parmo, a kind of scallopiniParmigianiaa full fried breaded chicken, garnished with grilled cheese and rich béchamel sauce. It is served with fries, garlic sauce and salad. This dish is very famous amongst the people who have been travelling in town, late at night.

Middleborough also holds the honor of being the hometown of various famous sports personalities and artists namely Paul Truscott (boxer), David Daniel (European Track Cycling champion), Geoff Cook (cricketer) and the list goes on.

The biggest attraction for the football fans is that Middleborough is home to Middleborough F.C., the championship football team, which is owned by Steve Gibson the local haulage entrepreneur. The football club is based on the Riverside Stadium located on the River Tees’ banks where the team has been playing after shifting from Ayresome Park, where they played for nearly a century.

Durham- City on the Move

DurhamWhether you recognize Durham as the “Bull City” or as the “City of Medicine” it is easy to understand why a number of businesses and residents call this city home. Situated in the middle of the Atlantic beaches and the Great Smoky Mountains, Durham is a place that resides above 300 restaurants, above 40 yearly festivals, Durham Bulls Triple-A baseball, North Carolina Central and Duke Universities, top medical facilities, science and art museums and a lot more. With visitors above 5.3 million yearly, this city ranked as the top places visited at RDU International Airport.

Durham, dwelling the famous Durham Cathedral and Castle World Heritage Site, resides in the middle of the beautiful country in which extraordinary countryside as well as breathtaking coastline are mapped with cultural treasures.

Run for peace and calmness in the North Pennines Area and Durham Dales blessed with natural beauty for relaxation and getting active in the outdoors. Also one can experience the never-ending beauty of High Force waterfall along with the Durham Heritage Coast. With multiple fine dining options, it’s a perfect place to have a great time with your loved ones. It has the capacity to provide you with hundreds of amazing ways to cherish your special moments and to add them in your memory album for the rest of your life.

For the tourists and visitors interested in history, there is a chance to discover the historical heritage of Durham in the Beamish Museum as well as the Locomotion: National Railway Museum located in Shildon. As for those who are fond of culture, they would be really surprised to see the remarkable collection and amazing exhibitions in the Bowes Museum.

Throughout the year, Durham is full of colorful events to enjoy. If you want to visit a place that inspires you and hosts a number of exciting experiences then definitely Durham is the place to be in 2014. But wait! The moment you think you explored the entire city, Durham will never stop revealing its concealed gems in every nook and corner.

Best Beach Place in United States: Hawaii


United States is full of diverse beaches, and these beaches are known for their beautiful smooth sand, calm clean waters. They attract plenty of tourists from all over the world. Maui is a city that is famous for the Ho’okipa Beach and its enchanting burgundy colored sand.

 However, Big Island in Hawaii has the best beaches. It is a majestic beach where you get to spend a perfect vacation with your family. This beach has unique geographical features. Long Island boasts of beautiful beaches that have black sand and also has snow covered mountains. There are lava deserts and beautiful rainforests that are lush and very steamy. This island also has an active volcano that is constantly increasing the place’s mass of land. In Big Island there are hiking trails and lovely state parks. You can even go there for a romantic getaway as it is full of Tiki and luaus and the environment is great for honeymooners. The best part is that the beaches comprise of unique colors that are rarely seen anywhere else.

 Tourists adore the beaches on the west side of Long Island. There are lots of choices of bed and breakfast that you can choose from and you can even buy lots of souvenirs and try the local delicacies in the Hilo Farmers Market.

 Apart from Big Island, Kolekole Beach Park in Hawaii is another picturesque beach that has jungle gardens right beside the ocean and a stream flows nearby. The Hilo Beach in Hawaii is the favorite of the locals and tourists as well. The ocean is shallow and has a sand bottom and therefore many tourists come to swim here. From here you get a lovely view of the Hilo Bay and it is also an ideal spot for family snorkeling.

 Hawaii is the ideal location in United States if you want to visit and make the most of the lovely beaches. Vacationing in Hawaii will be enjoyable for both your family and you as the beaches here are exquisite and uniquely different from the other beaches.