Top 2 Hiking Spots in India

India hiking

There is always something special when one goes on a trekking trip. With only you, a few friends and nature for company, trekking to high lands is one of the best experiences one can have. India is home to so many beautiful natural phenomena and the highlands to the north of India are one of them. With the mythical Himalayan range having most of its lower and mid-level hills in parts of India, some of the most breathtaking trails present on Indian land can be seen and experienced by trekkers. Some of the trails are for experts owing to its risk factors, but with the right attitude and fitness, all trails can be peaked. Here are two of the best trekking spots in India:

Pindari Glacier:

The Kumaon Himalayas that is found in the state of Uttarakhand, homes the Pindari Glacier, one of the highest glaciers in the world. The ice-cold glacier, which is in danger due to global warming and its adverse effects, stands high and mighty and flows down for about three kilometers before forming the Pindari River. The trekking trail has many little villages that come across its path with many checkpoints that trekking managers take depending on the level of difficulty. The glacier is one of the best trekking paths in India, and trekkers can easily complete the overall distance that is over 90 kilometers, in around 6 days to a week.

Roopkund trek:

The Roopkund trek, also located in Uttarakhand, is one of the high altitude glacial lakes that make it a good trekking destination and path. Located at almost 5 kilometers above sea level, the trail also features a view of some gruesome skeletons left from around a thousand years back and the story of these remnants, which have many theories both locally and scientifically. The hiking spots in the trail have some breathtaking, amazingly beautiful views of the Himalayas that can bring out the poet in anyone. The weather remains very cold throughout and the night times are the hardest with temperatures that can plummet to sub-zero during the winter nights. Many different routes and paths are taken by tour guides, and it is imperative that a little physical training is done at least a couple of weeks before the commencement of the hike owing to the slightly advanced level of difficulty involved with it that could cause some strain to unhealthy and unfit persons. Best time to visit is during the summer months when greenery blooms around.



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