Chandler – Arizona’s Reason for Joy and Happiness


Have you ever been to the delightful city named chandler in Arizona, US? If not, let’s add it in your list of places to visit now. It is bordered to Tempe in north and west, the Gila River Indian community to the south and Gilbert to the east. The population here according to 2012’s statistics is around 240,101. It has a total area of 58 square miles from which 57.9 is of land while 0.1 square mile is of water. Chandler is said to have reached its boundary limits so it cannot expand further because of Tempe, the Gila River Indian community, Phoenix and Gilbert. Yet, it is considered a delightful place for tourists.

Dr. A. J. Chandler who was the first veterinary surgeon founded the city of chandler. The growth rate of chandler is exponential as it is being situated in the central plaza called as Dr. A. J. Chandler Park. The city has retained its history quite well with its fast growth. Intel and Bank of America are some of the top employers here.

Chandler is known for its annual Ostrich festival and Chandler Jazz festival. In late nineties, ostrich farms were thought out because of the requirement of plumes in women’s hats in that period. It is being held in Tumbleweed Park in chandler. The theme of this festival is ostrich, which includes ostrich’s race, food, arts and other sort of ostrich entertainment. It takes place in the beginning of March every year.

Chandler Jazz festival, which features a number of known jazz artists also draws great attention from the locals as well as tourists. Entry to the festival is free, so it’s a great opportunity for jazz lovers.

Chandler Center for the Arts and Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery American Art are a worthy places to visit for art lovers. Chandler center for the arts is a small place with the capacity of almost 150,000 people. Usually, Zelma Basha Salmeri gallery asks for advance bookings for group of 25 people. These are some of the most worth visiting art places in the city.

Tourists do not have any problem in going around Chandler as they have variety of moving options yet cars and buses are the best ways to explore its grandeur. Happen to be at Chandler, don’t worry about food as finest dine out options are available in the entire city. Do give a try to Guido’s Taco Shop and Hong Kong Asian Diner to enjoy scrumptious cuisines and desserts.


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