Gitgit Waterfall

Nestled in the Far East side of Asia, is a little island which is a part of Indonesia. One of the primary getaways of the world and the foremost tourist attraction of Indonesia, the island of Bali is one of the most beautiful holiday getaways known to man. With pristine clear beaches that complement the turquoise blue water and amazing greenery, Bali calls out to the nature lover in you that just wishes to visit the purest form of happiness that one gets while on vacation. Also, with its amazing architecture and history that dates back to 2000 BC, Bali has something that can answer everybody’s call. So pack your bags and plan visits to:

The Tirtha Empul Temple:

Bali has a population that is 85% Hindu. And one of its oldest monuments remains The Tirtha Empul Temple that was founded in the year 962 A.D. The temple is a Hindu temple in the middle of the island and attracts Hindus as well as historical tourists all over the world because of its religious as well as historical importance. Hindus travel here to get blessings and bathe in the temple’s holy water which is believed to have purifying abilities and deliverance from illness.

Gitgit Waterfall:

The Gitgit Waterfall is found around 10 kilometers from the Singaraja Town and is a majestic sight with water cascading down 35 meters surrounded by tropical forests that make it a picturesque view indeed. Located in north Bali, it is another famous tourist destination.

Ubud Monkey Forest:

The Monkey Forest is home to several macaques that have made the forest their home. All around the forests are statues and temples depicting the Hindu Monkey God, Hanuman as Hindus believe monkeys are all descendants of Him. With easy access to the forest, tourists can have a fun time relishing the antics of the monkeys which are just some of the many things one can do in Bali.



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