Addu City-Have a relaxing Vacation

Addu Convention Centre

Addu City, a city in the Maldives is a place that has been quite popular because of its major attractive spots. It is a city that consists of inhabited islands. It is also the second most populous Maldivian city, Male being the most populous one. The city offers loads of spots and places that you will definitely want to visit.


Enjoy Naturals and the story of History

For all those who love wreck diving, they can visit the city’s British Loyalty that is not just Addu’s but also Maldives’ largest wreck. Even today, some portions of the wreck, belonging to the starboard side, can still be seen from the very surface of the water, only if the weather is clear. You can enjoy diving here all day long. You can have encounters with many aquatic creatures like sharks, turtles, rays, or any other kind of large fish. It might take you around 25 minutes from the Equator Village Resort if you chose to travel by dhoni. Having a bit of historical significance, this place is really worth a visit.


Meet the Peace-loving Turtles

Turtle Point is yet another place that would be really exciting to visit if you are in Addu City. This place will give you the golden opportunity to get an up-and-close encounter with the sea turtles. Hawksbills as well as the green sea turtles are quite often seen here. You can also find many other creatures like eaglerays, batfish, lobsters and reef fish. Do not forget your underwater camera when you visit this place as missing to capture these moments may be quite regretful.


Get up and Close with Marine Creatures

Kandu Huraa region is another place that you might love to visit while in Addu City. It includes four areas one of which is Maa Kandu that actually houses many of the mantas as well as hard coral such as brain coral. The Bushy West has many aquatic creatures like turtles, rays and many more. Maa Kandu Beyru will let you see a beautiful school of fishes along with a rich variety of coral. Finally, the Fihal Faruls is a place that will prove the best place for the advanced divers.


Each of these places and many more offer you an excellent chance to know and get indulged with nature. Nevertheless even a short visit to the Addu City will provide you with places and spots that you will want to come back to each and every year.


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