Scotland: Good things come in small packages


Like the Scottish would say, “guid gear comes in sma’ bouk’” which translates to “Good things come in small packages”, this beautiful country may be compact in size, but it has a lot to offer its visitors. Scotland is blessed with an abundance of treasure just waiting your discovery. The country has plenty to offer people of different tastes, from the history buffs, to the adventure thrill seekers, the romantic to those who simply wish to enjoy spending time with their family.

A look at some of the places to visit and things to do while in Scotland:

Visit with historic sites

There are plenty of historic sites to visit in Scotland, each with a wealth of knowledge just waiting for your discovery. Visit with Traquair House, one of the country’s great country houses. Here, you will embrace a bewitching beauty, complete with a feeling that you have travelled back in time to when the house first came to be, complete with a musty odor and peculiar slanting floors.

Take a glimpse at the stone age life with a visit to Skara Brae, a prehistoric site just awaiting your exploration. Pay a visit to Cubbi Row’s castle which is regarded as one of the earliest surviving stone fortresses in Scotland. Take a glimpse of where the royal family lived in the 16th century, with a visit to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, home of the ill-fated Mary, Queen of Scots. Other castles that might interest you while in Scotland include; Kinloch Castle, Castle Sween, Caerlaverock Castle, Kildrummy Castle and Urquhart Castle among others.

Interesting museums such as the Museum of lead mining, Shetland museum, St Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life &Art, and Kelvingrove Art Gallery &Museum among others also await your exploration while in the country.

Take Adventure trips while in Scotland

Take part in activities such as white-water rafting, sea kayaking, cliff climbing, rock climbing, paragliding, paramotoring and abseiling among others. The beautiful outdoor scenes await your exploration while in this gorgeous country.

Fun activities to enjoy with the family

There are plenty of things to do with your family while in Scotland.  You can pay a visit to the Highland Wildlife Park and Edinburgh Zoo, where you will view a number of beautiful animals and plants.  Alternatively, you can take your family to traditional funfairs such as Amusement Parks, and the beautiful countryside.

Shopping and eating out in Scotland

There is plenty of shopping to be done in Scotland and it covers both the high end and low end shoppers. In terms of eating, you could taste of the delicious local food and plenty of mouth-watering cuisines.


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