Latvia: More than a rugged beauty

Cesis castle

Located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, Latvia or the Republic of Latvia has plenty to offer its visitors. From alluring crumbling castles to beautiful resorts, plus plenty in-between, plenty of tastes are catered to on their visit to this bewitching nation.


Riga, which is beautiful city in the nation of Latvia lets you in on its funky vibrancy, complete with a bewitching beauty and plenty of places to explore there are a number of parks to visit, architectural sites to admire and delicious food to eat. Visit with the fascinatingly old charming town of Vecriga and wander through its charming streets.  Amazing architectural buildings await you at Alberta lela while Vermanes Park lets you unwind the day away in its breathtaking beauty.

Western Latvia (Kurzeme)

At Kurzeme, expect to find pristine beaches alongside rocky seaside points. Must see sights while in Kurzeme include; the St Nicholas Maritime Cathedral, Livionian Order Castle with its cutting edge interactive museum, the House of Crafts where you can learn about the handicrafts of Kurzeme, Riezupe Sand caves which feature 460m of labyrinthine tunnels, and Peter’s market with its stalls bustling with everything from fresh fruit to pirated DVDs and second-hand clothes.

Cape Kolka

With its haunting beauty, Cape Kolka will present you with a rather sparse population and the villages within have an uncanny feel about them that bond of a long-forgotten area. On the flip side, there are beautiful sandy beaches to explore, luscious forests and dunes also await your visit.


This enchanted town awaits your exploration of its legendary caves and amazing string of medieval castles. There are beautiful fields of yellow flowers in its gorgeous countryside, old wooden farmhouses and green rolling hills which you can enjoy at leisure.

Gauja National Park

At Gauja National Park, you will find a beautifully diverse collection of both the flora and fauna set amidst an exquisitely beautiful environment.


Liepaja with its gritty, urban vibe lets you explore deserted and decaying Soviet-era buildings, beautiful beaches, exquisite boutiques and fascinating galleries.

Northern Latvia (Vidzeme)

Northern Latvia has plenty of sights just waiting your exploration. Visit with fascinating castles such as the Cesis castle with its two corpulent towers at the western end; Sigulda New Castle, Krimulda Castle & Manor, and Turaida Museum Reserve. You could also pay a visit to impressive landmarks such as the Gutmana cave with its extravagant amount of graffiti that is spread along its walls or take a trip to Valmiermuiza and check out Latvia’s most popular ale and how it is made.


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