What I love the most about Yellow Stone National Park?

Yellow stone national park

Yellow Stone National Pak is one of the landmarks of modern America; it is situated in the state of Wyoming. I have been here a lot of times and each time I visit the place, I feel more alive and fresh.

Best thing about the park is that it has been preserved in a way it was supposed to be. Natural and wild element of the forest is very much visible at Yellow Stone. Very few artificial flavorshave been added to the natural beauty of the park.

Grand Canyon waterfall is probably the most famous and renowned attraction of the Yellow Stone National park. It is surely a sight to die for; watching millions of water gallons soaring through the mountains at a pace of more than fifty miles per hour is enough to drive anyone crazy. Grand Canyon waterfall is the most famous of the water falls in the park. It is also the biggest waterfall of the park, and the best thing about this fall is that it is a natural one.

Another attraction of the park that pulls me the most is the mountain range of the mountain. One can go on for a hiking and camping trip on the mountains. It is a perfect place for someone who wants to be away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Mountains are the calmest places in the universe, and if someone seeks the inner peace, the place to be is the mountains. Other than the mountain ranges the park is full of different lakes some of which are pretty huge. As a child the animals always fascinated me and this park was the place to be. The animal collection of this park is more than any other wildlife park in the country. Some of the most endangered species are also kept in this very park. Feature that distinguishes this park from the rest is that all the animals are given a purely natural environment, since the park is spread over a wide area so the animals have the liberty to roam about and enjoy the wild forest atmosphere.

Yellow stone national park also has the world’s largest collection of Geysers. People from different parts of the world come to this place only to witness hot water shooting out of land and flying towards the air. It is a very rare scene and very few are lucky enough to see this live.

Once you are in the park and in the animal region of the park beware of the wild animals especially bears and tigers.In the recent past, the tourists have reported attacks by these animals.


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