Chandler – Arizona’s Reason for Joy and Happiness


Have you ever been to the delightful city named chandler in Arizona, US? If not, let’s add it in your list of places to visit now. It is bordered to Tempe in north and west, the Gila River Indian community to the south and Gilbert to the east. The population here according to 2012’s statistics is around 240,101. It has a total area of 58 square miles from which 57.9 is of land while 0.1 square mile is of water. Chandler is said to have reached its boundary limits so it cannot expand further because of Tempe, the Gila River Indian community, Phoenix and Gilbert. Yet, it is considered a delightful place for tourists.

Dr. A. J. Chandler who was the first veterinary surgeon founded the city of chandler. The growth rate of chandler is exponential as it is being situated in the central plaza called as Dr. A. J. Chandler Park. The city has retained its history quite well with its fast growth. Intel and Bank of America are some of the top employers here.

Chandler is known for its annual Ostrich festival and Chandler Jazz festival. In late nineties, ostrich farms were thought out because of the requirement of plumes in women’s hats in that period. It is being held in Tumbleweed Park in chandler. The theme of this festival is ostrich, which includes ostrich’s race, food, arts and other sort of ostrich entertainment. It takes place in the beginning of March every year.

Chandler Jazz festival, which features a number of known jazz artists also draws great attention from the locals as well as tourists. Entry to the festival is free, so it’s a great opportunity for jazz lovers.

Chandler Center for the Arts and Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery American Art are a worthy places to visit for art lovers. Chandler center for the arts is a small place with the capacity of almost 150,000 people. Usually, Zelma Basha Salmeri gallery asks for advance bookings for group of 25 people. These are some of the most worth visiting art places in the city.

Tourists do not have any problem in going around Chandler as they have variety of moving options yet cars and buses are the best ways to explore its grandeur. Happen to be at Chandler, don’t worry about food as finest dine out options are available in the entire city. Do give a try to Guido’s Taco Shop and Hong Kong Asian Diner to enjoy scrumptious cuisines and desserts.


Plan an Exciting Trip to Thornton in Colorado This Year

Thornton in Colorado

Thornton is a city in Colorado with diverse community that has positive commitment towards environment. It has been ranked as one of the best areas to be lived in the United States of America.

Thornton provides an excellent environment for employment, entertainment and tourism. It is located 9 miles away from Denver, which provides an ideal environment for business. It also provides an easy access to a number of transportation sources. Another reason of its popularity is that it is located quite near to Denver International Airport so it has an obvious attraction for tourists.

This city has got some really good recreational and entertainment places that are worth watching indeed. Thornton is rich in culture and it offers almost 28 resorts, which provide camping, hiking, rafting and skiing. Tourists will hardly find any time to get bored. These activities are well managed and supervised by professionals.

Thornton is not a big place yet it has some major universities. For students who want to continue their education in Denver, they can go for University of Colorado, University of Denver, Metropolitan State College, University of Northern Colorado, Colorado State University, Colorado School of Mines, and Regis University. These universities have significant number of international students coming every year, which is a good sign.

There are a number of museums, gardens and the opera available in Thornton. Cultural activities are also available for nearby communities like Boulder, Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley and Arvada. The professional sports teams have organized some really good sports activities for tourists here. So, there is no chance of disappointment for sports enthusiasts.

Thornton is always in the eyes of tourists as it has allocated thousand acres of area for public parks. Tennis courts, athletic areas, swimming places and other recreational areas are well managed here. The Water World, which is US’ best and biggest water park, is worth seeing. The officials of Thornton are running it. Hence, there are a lot of opportunities for people to stay healthy and fit. Tourists can easily get around as buses and cars are easily accessible.

Strip malls are throughout the city for shopping purposes. Some of the traditional chains include Target, Wal-Mart and K-mart. So, don’t forget to have an exclusive shopping experience here. The city is a rich place for food lovers. Cinzzetti’s Italian Market is for Italian food, LA Botana Restaurant is specialized in home cooked Mexican food and Bella Italia Pizzeria offers best pizza in Thornton at very reasonable price.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and plan your next trip to Thornton!

Top 2 Hiking Spots in India

India hiking

There is always something special when one goes on a trekking trip. With only you, a few friends and nature for company, trekking to high lands is one of the best experiences one can have. India is home to so many beautiful natural phenomena and the highlands to the north of India are one of them. With the mythical Himalayan range having most of its lower and mid-level hills in parts of India, some of the most breathtaking trails present on Indian land can be seen and experienced by trekkers. Some of the trails are for experts owing to its risk factors, but with the right attitude and fitness, all trails can be peaked. Here are two of the best trekking spots in India:

Pindari Glacier:

The Kumaon Himalayas that is found in the state of Uttarakhand, homes the Pindari Glacier, one of the highest glaciers in the world. The ice-cold glacier, which is in danger due to global warming and its adverse effects, stands high and mighty and flows down for about three kilometers before forming the Pindari River. The trekking trail has many little villages that come across its path with many checkpoints that trekking managers take depending on the level of difficulty. The glacier is one of the best trekking paths in India, and trekkers can easily complete the overall distance that is over 90 kilometers, in around 6 days to a week.

Roopkund trek:

The Roopkund trek, also located in Uttarakhand, is one of the high altitude glacial lakes that make it a good trekking destination and path. Located at almost 5 kilometers above sea level, the trail also features a view of some gruesome skeletons left from around a thousand years back and the story of these remnants, which have many theories both locally and scientifically. The hiking spots in the trail have some breathtaking, amazingly beautiful views of the Himalayas that can bring out the poet in anyone. The weather remains very cold throughout and the night times are the hardest with temperatures that can plummet to sub-zero during the winter nights. Many different routes and paths are taken by tour guides, and it is imperative that a little physical training is done at least a couple of weeks before the commencement of the hike owing to the slightly advanced level of difficulty involved with it that could cause some strain to unhealthy and unfit persons. Best time to visit is during the summer months when greenery blooms around.



Gitgit Waterfall

Nestled in the Far East side of Asia, is a little island which is a part of Indonesia. One of the primary getaways of the world and the foremost tourist attraction of Indonesia, the island of Bali is one of the most beautiful holiday getaways known to man. With pristine clear beaches that complement the turquoise blue water and amazing greenery, Bali calls out to the nature lover in you that just wishes to visit the purest form of happiness that one gets while on vacation. Also, with its amazing architecture and history that dates back to 2000 BC, Bali has something that can answer everybody’s call. So pack your bags and plan visits to:

The Tirtha Empul Temple:

Bali has a population that is 85% Hindu. And one of its oldest monuments remains The Tirtha Empul Temple that was founded in the year 962 A.D. The temple is a Hindu temple in the middle of the island and attracts Hindus as well as historical tourists all over the world because of its religious as well as historical importance. Hindus travel here to get blessings and bathe in the temple’s holy water which is believed to have purifying abilities and deliverance from illness.

Gitgit Waterfall:

The Gitgit Waterfall is found around 10 kilometers from the Singaraja Town and is a majestic sight with water cascading down 35 meters surrounded by tropical forests that make it a picturesque view indeed. Located in north Bali, it is another famous tourist destination.

Ubud Monkey Forest:

The Monkey Forest is home to several macaques that have made the forest their home. All around the forests are statues and temples depicting the Hindu Monkey God, Hanuman as Hindus believe monkeys are all descendants of Him. With easy access to the forest, tourists can have a fun time relishing the antics of the monkeys which are just some of the many things one can do in Bali.


Addu City-Have a relaxing Vacation

Addu Convention Centre

Addu City, a city in the Maldives is a place that has been quite popular because of its major attractive spots. It is a city that consists of inhabited islands. It is also the second most populous Maldivian city, Male being the most populous one. The city offers loads of spots and places that you will definitely want to visit.


Enjoy Naturals and the story of History

For all those who love wreck diving, they can visit the city’s British Loyalty that is not just Addu’s but also Maldives’ largest wreck. Even today, some portions of the wreck, belonging to the starboard side, can still be seen from the very surface of the water, only if the weather is clear. You can enjoy diving here all day long. You can have encounters with many aquatic creatures like sharks, turtles, rays, or any other kind of large fish. It might take you around 25 minutes from the Equator Village Resort if you chose to travel by dhoni. Having a bit of historical significance, this place is really worth a visit.


Meet the Peace-loving Turtles

Turtle Point is yet another place that would be really exciting to visit if you are in Addu City. This place will give you the golden opportunity to get an up-and-close encounter with the sea turtles. Hawksbills as well as the green sea turtles are quite often seen here. You can also find many other creatures like eaglerays, batfish, lobsters and reef fish. Do not forget your underwater camera when you visit this place as missing to capture these moments may be quite regretful.


Get up and Close with Marine Creatures

Kandu Huraa region is another place that you might love to visit while in Addu City. It includes four areas one of which is Maa Kandu that actually houses many of the mantas as well as hard coral such as brain coral. The Bushy West has many aquatic creatures like turtles, rays and many more. Maa Kandu Beyru will let you see a beautiful school of fishes along with a rich variety of coral. Finally, the Fihal Faruls is a place that will prove the best place for the advanced divers.


Each of these places and many more offer you an excellent chance to know and get indulged with nature. Nevertheless even a short visit to the Addu City will provide you with places and spots that you will want to come back to each and every year.

Latvia: More than a rugged beauty

Cesis castle

Located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, Latvia or the Republic of Latvia has plenty to offer its visitors. From alluring crumbling castles to beautiful resorts, plus plenty in-between, plenty of tastes are catered to on their visit to this bewitching nation.


Riga, which is beautiful city in the nation of Latvia lets you in on its funky vibrancy, complete with a bewitching beauty and plenty of places to explore there are a number of parks to visit, architectural sites to admire and delicious food to eat. Visit with the fascinatingly old charming town of Vecriga and wander through its charming streets.  Amazing architectural buildings await you at Alberta lela while Vermanes Park lets you unwind the day away in its breathtaking beauty.

Western Latvia (Kurzeme)

At Kurzeme, expect to find pristine beaches alongside rocky seaside points. Must see sights while in Kurzeme include; the St Nicholas Maritime Cathedral, Livionian Order Castle with its cutting edge interactive museum, the House of Crafts where you can learn about the handicrafts of Kurzeme, Riezupe Sand caves which feature 460m of labyrinthine tunnels, and Peter’s market with its stalls bustling with everything from fresh fruit to pirated DVDs and second-hand clothes.

Cape Kolka

With its haunting beauty, Cape Kolka will present you with a rather sparse population and the villages within have an uncanny feel about them that bond of a long-forgotten area. On the flip side, there are beautiful sandy beaches to explore, luscious forests and dunes also await your visit.


This enchanted town awaits your exploration of its legendary caves and amazing string of medieval castles. There are beautiful fields of yellow flowers in its gorgeous countryside, old wooden farmhouses and green rolling hills which you can enjoy at leisure.

Gauja National Park

At Gauja National Park, you will find a beautifully diverse collection of both the flora and fauna set amidst an exquisitely beautiful environment.


Liepaja with its gritty, urban vibe lets you explore deserted and decaying Soviet-era buildings, beautiful beaches, exquisite boutiques and fascinating galleries.

Northern Latvia (Vidzeme)

Northern Latvia has plenty of sights just waiting your exploration. Visit with fascinating castles such as the Cesis castle with its two corpulent towers at the western end; Sigulda New Castle, Krimulda Castle & Manor, and Turaida Museum Reserve. You could also pay a visit to impressive landmarks such as the Gutmana cave with its extravagant amount of graffiti that is spread along its walls or take a trip to Valmiermuiza and check out Latvia’s most popular ale and how it is made.

Scotland: Good things come in small packages


Like the Scottish would say, “guid gear comes in sma’ bouk’” which translates to “Good things come in small packages”, this beautiful country may be compact in size, but it has a lot to offer its visitors. Scotland is blessed with an abundance of treasure just waiting your discovery. The country has plenty to offer people of different tastes, from the history buffs, to the adventure thrill seekers, the romantic to those who simply wish to enjoy spending time with their family.

A look at some of the places to visit and things to do while in Scotland:

Visit with historic sites

There are plenty of historic sites to visit in Scotland, each with a wealth of knowledge just waiting for your discovery. Visit with Traquair House, one of the country’s great country houses. Here, you will embrace a bewitching beauty, complete with a feeling that you have travelled back in time to when the house first came to be, complete with a musty odor and peculiar slanting floors.

Take a glimpse at the stone age life with a visit to Skara Brae, a prehistoric site just awaiting your exploration. Pay a visit to Cubbi Row’s castle which is regarded as one of the earliest surviving stone fortresses in Scotland. Take a glimpse of where the royal family lived in the 16th century, with a visit to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, home of the ill-fated Mary, Queen of Scots. Other castles that might interest you while in Scotland include; Kinloch Castle, Castle Sween, Caerlaverock Castle, Kildrummy Castle and Urquhart Castle among others.

Interesting museums such as the Museum of lead mining, Shetland museum, St Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life &Art, and Kelvingrove Art Gallery &Museum among others also await your exploration while in the country.

Take Adventure trips while in Scotland

Take part in activities such as white-water rafting, sea kayaking, cliff climbing, rock climbing, paragliding, paramotoring and abseiling among others. The beautiful outdoor scenes await your exploration while in this gorgeous country.

Fun activities to enjoy with the family

There are plenty of things to do with your family while in Scotland.  You can pay a visit to the Highland Wildlife Park and Edinburgh Zoo, where you will view a number of beautiful animals and plants.  Alternatively, you can take your family to traditional funfairs such as Amusement Parks, and the beautiful countryside.

Shopping and eating out in Scotland

There is plenty of shopping to be done in Scotland and it covers both the high end and low end shoppers. In terms of eating, you could taste of the delicious local food and plenty of mouth-watering cuisines.