New York City – A Wonderful Visit to My Childhood Dreamland

Statue of Liberty

All my childhood I heard and read stories about the famous Statue of Liberty, I knew all its dimensions and history by heart. As time passed, my desire to visit the United States and especially New York became stronger and stronger. Luckily, I managed to arrange my trip to New York.

Everything about New York fascinated me. The moment I got off the plane I was warmly welcomed by the famous New York breeze. I had a long flight so decided to start my tourism activities from the next day onwards.

The next day, I woke up early in the morning and decided to go for a walk in New York central park since my hotel was nearby. It is spread over three and half kilometer square. Lush green grounds and lakes surrounded by orange and yellow leave trees are enough to mesmerize anyone. My plan was to have a one hour walk in the park but the natural beauty of the park forced me to spend my entire day there. Without doubt, this park is a landmark of American history, a castle having the name “Belvedere” is also situated in the heart of the park. A lot of famous cafes can be found there.

Next day, I decided to visit the famous skyscraper The Empire State building. I took a cab and got there and the first words that came out of my mouth were “O Dear God!” I had never seen a hundred storey plus building and was completely stunned by its night. To my luck, I was also accompanied by one of my friends, living in NYC since long. He told me about the history of the building. He was kind enough to take me to the highest floor of the building and I must say that the view from there is something you would never forget. The entire NYC was visible from there. It was one of those experiences that one cannot describe in words.

Next day my plan was to pay a visit to the tigers of Bronx zoo, but ended up at the Rockefeller center. It was given the status of a National Historic Landmark in 1987.  It is surrounded by a lot of tall buildings but still has an identity of its own. This time I was told its story by a tourist guide. He gave me a brief yet informative count of its history. The center was built in 1939 and it took nine years to complete this awe-inspiring building. I then had the famous pizza of Robert’s which I must say was quite different from the traditional pizzas. With thin crust and fresh cheese it was totally a yummy choice.

Before coming back to my homeland, finally, I decided to visit the Statue of Liberty which was my initial inspiration to visit New York City. I along with my same friend from NYC went to New York harbor. It took me a while to come to my senses because I was totally bewildered by the beauty of the statue. All my childhood was about that dream of standing in front of the statue, thus the moment I stood right in front of it I felt like a dream coming true.


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