Top Four Hotels in Jeddah

Le Meridian hotel

Jeddah is the business hub of Saudi Arabia. Located at the bank of Red Sea, this city has become the commercial center of Saudi Arabia. As a tourist the first thing that grabs your attention is the question where to stay. But, don’t worry being in the biggest city of Mecca, Jeddah, you’ll find a vast number of hotels to accommodate the tourists and the business travel personals. A perfect place to stay must be easily accessible, comfortable and should provide quality food.

Inter-continental hotel Jeddah is one of the most famous hotels of the city. It is located five minute drive from the main center of the city. Rooms are spacious and bathrooms too are in good condition. Hotel is equipped with a modern gym which has all the latest technology equipments, squash and badminton courts. It also has a fifteen feet deep swimming pool. Other than all these facilities, food of the hotel is also very delicious. Option of both buffet and La’carte is there for you to have whichever you like. You can have a good start of the day with nutritious breakfast buffet of Inter-continental hotel which is famous all around the country.

Hilton hotel is another good option for your stay in Jeddah. It’s a five star hotel, and has its own free parking, which indeed is a blessing in a foreign country. Hilton in all regards is a five star hotel, with both an open and indoor swimming pool and massage centers. Luxurious suites available at affordable prices are the reason why this hotel attracts the majority of the tourists. It is just eight and a half kilometer away from the airport and is located in the heart of the city, with all major attractions only few kilometers away.

Marriot Hotel is another famous hotel in Jeddah. Spacious rooms with good furniture are the plus points of this hotel, and the bathrooms are also clean and luxuriously built. In fact the whole hotel has a royal vibe to it, and you feel like a royal guest in this hotel.  Ambiance is outstanding and the staff is courteous. Room service is also good and on time. Free Wi-Fi is available within the premises of hotel for those who always want to stay connected to the world.

Le Meridian hotel is another luxury hotel in Jeddah. This hotel too provides its guest with free Wi-Fi, which nowadays has become a necessity rather than luxury. This hotel is located in the center of the city and has a big parking area, which is absolutely free for the hotel guests. Food is simply great. Rooms are huge and whole place looks like some royal palace. Grand lobbies are decorated with artifacts from all over the globe. The hotel has an outdoor fully equipped tennis court. Though the rates of this hotel are on the higher side, but still it is a royal option to stay during your tour to the city.


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