Hong Kong: The Oriental Pearl

Ocean Park, Hong Kong

From a small village in the 1800s to a dynamic and thriving city full of impressive high rises and a busy harbor, that city is the fast-paced city of Hong Kong, the Oriental Pearl. Hong Kong comes with an incredible fusion of cultures and impressive attractions that keep visitors fascinated. Many refer to it as a shopping paradise, with its impressive collection of malls but ultimately, it is a city of different personalities and caters to the different tastes and needs of its visitors.

While in Hong Kong, be sure to visit with its impressive collection of parks, islands, bays, museums, religious buildings and landmarks.

Some of the places to visit include:

Ocean Park, it is the older of the two big amusement parks in the city and provides for the best marine education center with a number of animal species. In addition, there are a number of rides to be enjoyed.

Hong Kong Disneyland with its special attractions and an inimitable sense of Chinese culture.

Avenue of Stars which is a sidewalk on the shore of Victoria Bay and is modeled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is covered with hand-prints and signatures of famous Hong Kong actors and also offers a wonderful view of the harbor with great photographic opportunities.

Aberdeen, is a very popular location for eating on floating boats.

Wong Tai Sin Temple, the temple is patterned after an ancient Chinese palace and is rich in Chinese culture. Expect to find a large number of fortune tellers as you walk around the temple complex and enjoy photographic opportunities.

Bank of China Tower you will enjoy a wonderful opportunity to view the rest of the city of Hong Kong from 43-rd floor public viewing platform. It also offers you an opportunity to appreciate modern skyscraper design

Lantau Island, which is the biggest of all the city’s Islands and a great location for a number of theme parks, tourist sites and a number of other attractions, both natural and man-made. There are a number of beaches and shorelines as well as hiking trails to enjoy.

Tai Fu Tai in Suntin which is a Chinese-style mansion built in 1865 and provides for great photographic opportunities, a chance to learn about Chinese and Honk Kong history and enjoy touring the hills and villages.

Po Lin (Precious Lotus) Monastery which is home to one of the biggest bronze statues of Buddha in a sitting position in the world.It offers visitors a great scenic beauty, wonderful walking trails and an opportunity to walk on the Wisdom Path and get to view the wooden pillars with Chinese characters in description of the “Heart Sutra” chant.

Ma Wan Island which though small comes with an extensive collection of recreational parks, museums, big bridges, beaches, and a residential complex.There are great hiking trails that will lead you to numerous attractions.

Zoological and Botanical Garden with its interesting collection of primates, birds, reptiles and plants. You will get wonderful photographic opportunities as you enjoy a walk around the garden.

Temple Street Market with its variety of bargains and delicious authentic Chinese food.


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