The Birmingham Guide

National Sealife Centre

Birmingham is the second largest city of Britain. Birmingham was initially at the heart of the England’s industrial revolution, and the city’s wealth was drawn from the multitude of merchants and trades that were spawned. This, in turn, led to the establishmentof a massive network of canals, with more miles of such canals than Venice or Amsterdam. The city is specifically known for its strong “Brummie” accent and its speakers like comedian Jasper Carrott and the 1960s rock band Judas Priest.

Below is a list of some of the best attractions of the city of Birmingham.

Cadbury World

If, as a child, you have ever dreamed of visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, this place is all of your dreams come true. Set in the village of Bournville, 4 miles south of Birmingham, this place seeks to educate all of its visitors about the history and origins of cocoa and the Cadbury family. Here, you will discover the origins and the travel of a single cocoa bean amidst the greeneries and waterfalls in the Aztec Jungle, before you jump on board the absolutely magical Cadabra ride in order to meet the famous Cadbury drumming gorilla!


Stoneleigh Abbey

This place is a favourite spot for all history lovers. The rich history of Stoneleigh Abbey began in the year 1154 when King Henry II granted the lands to a community of Cistercian monks for them to build a small and prosperous Abbey on this site. Today, as more than 800 years have passed, the structural development of the entire main building as well as the adjacent buildings can be clearly viewed. Here you will see a rich tapestry of architecture, events, landscape, and people. Moreover, yes, all of the historically interesting parts of this site are open for public viewing.

Twycross Zoo

The Twycross Zoo is a centre that is mostly inhabited by primates. Here, you can see over 1,000 animals on show including Bornean Orangutans, Red-kneed Tarantulas,Asian Elephants, Northern White-faced Owls, Inland Bearded Dragons, Boa Constrictors, among many more.


National Sea Life Centre

This place provides an absolutely spectacular underwater voyage that is bound to amaze all. You will get to walk through a giant glass tunne,l which is totally surrounded by a gigantic one million literglass ocean tank, which lets you catch a glimpse of many aquatic animals includingblack tip reef sharks, giant green sea turtles, and tropical reef fish that swim inches from you.


Sunflower Lounge

The Sunflower Lounge can be found tucked away on the dual carriageway situated near New St train station. This quirky, quaint little bar matches plays an impressive alternative soundtrack with a regular program show of DJ nights and live gigs.


Broadway Plaza

This place is constantly buzzing with activities and life. It offers a wide range of jam-packed activities that cater to all occasions and ages, be it parties, birthdays, nights out or any other celebrations. Also, check out the 12 screen Odeon 3D Multiplex, Broadway Casino, and the 20 lane Bowlplex with and pool pit and Sega arcade.


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