A Guide through the City of Manchester

Manchester Town Hall

Vibrant, lively, unique and artistic, the city of Manchester has a vibe that is unparalleled and absolutely unrivalled by any other city in all of UK. In fact, Benjamin Disraeli once said, “What Manchester does today; the rest of the world does tomorrow.”

Be it a local trip or a simplestroll down the main shopping street, you will be surrounded by a constant hum of some incredible music. Salford, which is located immediately to the west of the city’scentre and The Quays, a developed, modern, and revamped area of this place was once home to heavy industry, are both now some of Manchester’s top tourist attractions.

Manchester has plenty of interesting things to do and see. The following is a selection of the top ten attractions for you to enjoy on your trip to Manchester.

Manchester Town Hall

If you are a history and architecture buff, this place is a must visit. This building is so opulent it takes your breath away.The architecture both inside and outside is absolutely fabulous. The murals in the great hall are wonderful and well worth seeing. To feel even more special, just sit back, order a cup of afternoon cream tea and a plate of delicious scones and enjoy the tour.

Make a Break

Make a Break is a real life escape game that is situated at the heart of Manchester. You have to focus on the only goal: to find your way, in less than 60 minutes, out of the locked room. If you think that you cannot succeed on your own, then find some friends. Teamwork is absolutely essential. The key to cracking this lies in finding the right clues and solving the various many interesting tasks and puzzles to get out. But don’t worry. The staff is upper helpful and will assist you at any point.

Daytona Manchester

Take a trip to this car-racing track, in case you want to temporarily escape the city. You are guaranteed to have a fantastic time! Be it you, your kids or anyone else, this place is guaranteed to perk you up. The carts are far superior to any other cart racings that you have been to.

Manchester Museum

A perfect place to marvel at the ancient exhibits thatare beautifully curated. This museum has one of the largest collections of Egyptian artifacts in Britain, with some of them dating back to 10,000 BC.Here, you can learn about the fascinating cultures of history, from all over the world.

Ancoats Canal

At the back of residential blocks on Chapeltown Street is a beautiful and tranquil waterside walk way. You can turn down a small flight of steps on the Great Ancoats Road to see canal boats, fisherman, and your average ducklings in the spring. This is a nice spot for reading, picnicsand running.

Cloud 23

This place is all about cocktails and fabulous food. Located in the tallest building in Manchester,it provides stunning views of the city through its floor-to-ceiling windows across the changing skyline. Combining amazing food, impeccable service and stylish décor, Cloud 23 is the perfect environment for indulging on any evening of the week.


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