Bordeaux: A glass of wine and breathtaking views


If wining is your thing, then a visit to Bordeaux will fit right in with you! Located on the banks of the gorgeous Garonne River, Bordeaux has a lot more to offer its visitors than raising glasses, although, chances are you will be doing more of this in case you love your wine! Owing to its status as one of the major wine producing regions in France, it is no wonder that it is frequented for its delicious wines.

A look at some of the must-sees while in Bordeaux:

 The gorgeous city of Bordeaux itself:

Before venturing far from the city, you will notice that it indeed has plenty to offer, from amazing sites such as the Grand Theatre Opera de Bordeaux to the numerous museums awaiting your visit, not to mention the lovely streets to simply take a stroll in.

Wine tasting

Since the region is renowned for its wine production, a visit to the same means a visit to one of the many wine routes. You can take the Medoc wine route, which is one of the most popular wine routes in the world and venture into numerous chateaux, with wonderful wine to be had and bewitching sceneries to be enjoyed.

Place de la Bourse or Place Royal

The Place de la Bourse offers visitors plenty of opportunities to take beautiful photos or simply take a leisurely stroll along the impressive buildings.

Grand Theatre-Opera National de Bordeaux

The Grand Theater is dubbed as the cultural heart of the city and with reason. Complete with fine architecture and an impressive interior design, the theater is a must visit while in the area, if only to tour or to be part of the performances within.

Miroir d’Eau de Bordeaux

The Miroir d’Eau de Bordeaux offers the perfect location to take beautiful photos and just relax the day away while enjoying stunning views.

Parc de Majolan

Parc de Majolan is a gorgeous park to visit, with beautiful wildlife to view or feed and plenty of ground to quietly wander around.


Utopia is especially a huge hit for movie buffs. The charming old fashioned rooms will soon sort out your movie cravings! You will find a wonderful range of movies to keep you entertained, with plenty of food and drinks to ensure you are not starved as you watch!

Cap Sciences

Cap sciences offers an interesting and educational avenue to its visitors, with plenty of hands-on exhibits and practical demonstrations

Les Quais

Les Quais offers great walking opportunities to visitors. It is also ideal for a beautiful ride on a ferry boat and an opportunity to enjoy stunning views of breathtaking landscapes over the bridges of Bordeaux.

Dune du pyla

Pay a visit to the Dune du Pyra for some of the most fantastic views, and a chance to get a glimpse of porpoises and dolphins as they cavort the warm waters in the early evening. The dune reached an impressive 103 meters in height, so you are assured of impressive views the higher you climb!


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