New York City – A Wonderful Visit to My Childhood Dreamland

Statue of Liberty

All my childhood I heard and read stories about the famous Statue of Liberty, I knew all its dimensions and history by heart. As time passed, my desire to visit the United States and especially New York became stronger and stronger. Luckily, I managed to arrange my trip to New York.

Everything about New York fascinated me. The moment I got off the plane I was warmly welcomed by the famous New York breeze. I had a long flight so decided to start my tourism activities from the next day onwards.

The next day, I woke up early in the morning and decided to go for a walk in New York central park since my hotel was nearby. It is spread over three and half kilometer square. Lush green grounds and lakes surrounded by orange and yellow leave trees are enough to mesmerize anyone. My plan was to have a one hour walk in the park but the natural beauty of the park forced me to spend my entire day there. Without doubt, this park is a landmark of American history, a castle having the name “Belvedere” is also situated in the heart of the park. A lot of famous cafes can be found there.

Next day, I decided to visit the famous skyscraper The Empire State building. I took a cab and got there and the first words that came out of my mouth were “O Dear God!” I had never seen a hundred storey plus building and was completely stunned by its night. To my luck, I was also accompanied by one of my friends, living in NYC since long. He told me about the history of the building. He was kind enough to take me to the highest floor of the building and I must say that the view from there is something you would never forget. The entire NYC was visible from there. It was one of those experiences that one cannot describe in words.

Next day my plan was to pay a visit to the tigers of Bronx zoo, but ended up at the Rockefeller center. It was given the status of a National Historic Landmark in 1987.  It is surrounded by a lot of tall buildings but still has an identity of its own. This time I was told its story by a tourist guide. He gave me a brief yet informative count of its history. The center was built in 1939 and it took nine years to complete this awe-inspiring building. I then had the famous pizza of Robert’s which I must say was quite different from the traditional pizzas. With thin crust and fresh cheese it was totally a yummy choice.

Before coming back to my homeland, finally, I decided to visit the Statue of Liberty which was my initial inspiration to visit New York City. I along with my same friend from NYC went to New York harbor. It took me a while to come to my senses because I was totally bewildered by the beauty of the statue. All my childhood was about that dream of standing in front of the statue, thus the moment I stood right in front of it I felt like a dream coming true.


Top Four Hotels in Jeddah

Le Meridian hotel

Jeddah is the business hub of Saudi Arabia. Located at the bank of Red Sea, this city has become the commercial center of Saudi Arabia. As a tourist the first thing that grabs your attention is the question where to stay. But, don’t worry being in the biggest city of Mecca, Jeddah, you’ll find a vast number of hotels to accommodate the tourists and the business travel personals. A perfect place to stay must be easily accessible, comfortable and should provide quality food.

Inter-continental hotel Jeddah is one of the most famous hotels of the city. It is located five minute drive from the main center of the city. Rooms are spacious and bathrooms too are in good condition. Hotel is equipped with a modern gym which has all the latest technology equipments, squash and badminton courts. It also has a fifteen feet deep swimming pool. Other than all these facilities, food of the hotel is also very delicious. Option of both buffet and La’carte is there for you to have whichever you like. You can have a good start of the day with nutritious breakfast buffet of Inter-continental hotel which is famous all around the country.

Hilton hotel is another good option for your stay in Jeddah. It’s a five star hotel, and has its own free parking, which indeed is a blessing in a foreign country. Hilton in all regards is a five star hotel, with both an open and indoor swimming pool and massage centers. Luxurious suites available at affordable prices are the reason why this hotel attracts the majority of the tourists. It is just eight and a half kilometer away from the airport and is located in the heart of the city, with all major attractions only few kilometers away.

Marriot Hotel is another famous hotel in Jeddah. Spacious rooms with good furniture are the plus points of this hotel, and the bathrooms are also clean and luxuriously built. In fact the whole hotel has a royal vibe to it, and you feel like a royal guest in this hotel.  Ambiance is outstanding and the staff is courteous. Room service is also good and on time. Free Wi-Fi is available within the premises of hotel for those who always want to stay connected to the world.

Le Meridian hotel is another luxury hotel in Jeddah. This hotel too provides its guest with free Wi-Fi, which nowadays has become a necessity rather than luxury. This hotel is located in the center of the city and has a big parking area, which is absolutely free for the hotel guests. Food is simply great. Rooms are huge and whole place looks like some royal palace. Grand lobbies are decorated with artifacts from all over the globe. The hotel has an outdoor fully equipped tennis court. Though the rates of this hotel are on the higher side, but still it is a royal option to stay during your tour to the city.


Playa Avellana Beach

Planning a vacation to an extraordinary place is not an easy task. Some places are known to people and some lurk in the shadows. These places are very beautiful but they are not well known. Country of Costa Rica has many such cities which are unknown but rather beautiful and worth visiting.

One such place is Tamarindo. It is a town located in Nicoya Peninsula on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the province of Guanacaste. It is well known for its natural beauty and rushing sea wave which provide ample of opportunity for water sport to everyone who likes it. The beaches are beautiful and the best way to relax, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with it at the very instance.

When in Tamarindo you must take the awesome horse ride tour on the Casagua horse rides. The ride will be comfortable and you will feel the gush of wind, excitement and fun. Something which will matter to you more than any car or Ferrari rides. You can go on adventurous tour around the town and into the forest. You can also go fishing or diving into the depth of the ocean.

The beach Playa Avellanes is the most beautiful beach you will ever visit. It is a place for relaxation. The shinny sands and blue waters will make you feel as if in a whole different universe.

 Tamarindo is a beautiful place that one should visit to see a whole new level of natural beauty. 

Hong Kong: The Oriental Pearl

Ocean Park, Hong Kong

From a small village in the 1800s to a dynamic and thriving city full of impressive high rises and a busy harbor, that city is the fast-paced city of Hong Kong, the Oriental Pearl. Hong Kong comes with an incredible fusion of cultures and impressive attractions that keep visitors fascinated. Many refer to it as a shopping paradise, with its impressive collection of malls but ultimately, it is a city of different personalities and caters to the different tastes and needs of its visitors.

While in Hong Kong, be sure to visit with its impressive collection of parks, islands, bays, museums, religious buildings and landmarks.

Some of the places to visit include:

Ocean Park, it is the older of the two big amusement parks in the city and provides for the best marine education center with a number of animal species. In addition, there are a number of rides to be enjoyed.

Hong Kong Disneyland with its special attractions and an inimitable sense of Chinese culture.

Avenue of Stars which is a sidewalk on the shore of Victoria Bay and is modeled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is covered with hand-prints and signatures of famous Hong Kong actors and also offers a wonderful view of the harbor with great photographic opportunities.

Aberdeen, is a very popular location for eating on floating boats.

Wong Tai Sin Temple, the temple is patterned after an ancient Chinese palace and is rich in Chinese culture. Expect to find a large number of fortune tellers as you walk around the temple complex and enjoy photographic opportunities.

Bank of China Tower you will enjoy a wonderful opportunity to view the rest of the city of Hong Kong from 43-rd floor public viewing platform. It also offers you an opportunity to appreciate modern skyscraper design

Lantau Island, which is the biggest of all the city’s Islands and a great location for a number of theme parks, tourist sites and a number of other attractions, both natural and man-made. There are a number of beaches and shorelines as well as hiking trails to enjoy.

Tai Fu Tai in Suntin which is a Chinese-style mansion built in 1865 and provides for great photographic opportunities, a chance to learn about Chinese and Honk Kong history and enjoy touring the hills and villages.

Po Lin (Precious Lotus) Monastery which is home to one of the biggest bronze statues of Buddha in a sitting position in the world.It offers visitors a great scenic beauty, wonderful walking trails and an opportunity to walk on the Wisdom Path and get to view the wooden pillars with Chinese characters in description of the “Heart Sutra” chant.

Ma Wan Island which though small comes with an extensive collection of recreational parks, museums, big bridges, beaches, and a residential complex.There are great hiking trails that will lead you to numerous attractions.

Zoological and Botanical Garden with its interesting collection of primates, birds, reptiles and plants. You will get wonderful photographic opportunities as you enjoy a walk around the garden.

Temple Street Market with its variety of bargains and delicious authentic Chinese food.

A Guide through the City of Manchester

Manchester Town Hall

Vibrant, lively, unique and artistic, the city of Manchester has a vibe that is unparalleled and absolutely unrivalled by any other city in all of UK. In fact, Benjamin Disraeli once said, “What Manchester does today; the rest of the world does tomorrow.”

Be it a local trip or a simplestroll down the main shopping street, you will be surrounded by a constant hum of some incredible music. Salford, which is located immediately to the west of the city’scentre and The Quays, a developed, modern, and revamped area of this place was once home to heavy industry, are both now some of Manchester’s top tourist attractions.

Manchester has plenty of interesting things to do and see. The following is a selection of the top ten attractions for you to enjoy on your trip to Manchester.

Manchester Town Hall

If you are a history and architecture buff, this place is a must visit. This building is so opulent it takes your breath away.The architecture both inside and outside is absolutely fabulous. The murals in the great hall are wonderful and well worth seeing. To feel even more special, just sit back, order a cup of afternoon cream tea and a plate of delicious scones and enjoy the tour.

Make a Break

Make a Break is a real life escape game that is situated at the heart of Manchester. You have to focus on the only goal: to find your way, in less than 60 minutes, out of the locked room. If you think that you cannot succeed on your own, then find some friends. Teamwork is absolutely essential. The key to cracking this lies in finding the right clues and solving the various many interesting tasks and puzzles to get out. But don’t worry. The staff is upper helpful and will assist you at any point.

Daytona Manchester

Take a trip to this car-racing track, in case you want to temporarily escape the city. You are guaranteed to have a fantastic time! Be it you, your kids or anyone else, this place is guaranteed to perk you up. The carts are far superior to any other cart racings that you have been to.

Manchester Museum

A perfect place to marvel at the ancient exhibits thatare beautifully curated. This museum has one of the largest collections of Egyptian artifacts in Britain, with some of them dating back to 10,000 BC.Here, you can learn about the fascinating cultures of history, from all over the world.

Ancoats Canal

At the back of residential blocks on Chapeltown Street is a beautiful and tranquil waterside walk way. You can turn down a small flight of steps on the Great Ancoats Road to see canal boats, fisherman, and your average ducklings in the spring. This is a nice spot for reading, picnicsand running.

Cloud 23

This place is all about cocktails and fabulous food. Located in the tallest building in Manchester,it provides stunning views of the city through its floor-to-ceiling windows across the changing skyline. Combining amazing food, impeccable service and stylish décor, Cloud 23 is the perfect environment for indulging on any evening of the week.

The Birmingham Guide

National Sealife Centre

Birmingham is the second largest city of Britain. Birmingham was initially at the heart of the England’s industrial revolution, and the city’s wealth was drawn from the multitude of merchants and trades that were spawned. This, in turn, led to the establishmentof a massive network of canals, with more miles of such canals than Venice or Amsterdam. The city is specifically known for its strong “Brummie” accent and its speakers like comedian Jasper Carrott and the 1960s rock band Judas Priest.

Below is a list of some of the best attractions of the city of Birmingham.

Cadbury World

If, as a child, you have ever dreamed of visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, this place is all of your dreams come true. Set in the village of Bournville, 4 miles south of Birmingham, this place seeks to educate all of its visitors about the history and origins of cocoa and the Cadbury family. Here, you will discover the origins and the travel of a single cocoa bean amidst the greeneries and waterfalls in the Aztec Jungle, before you jump on board the absolutely magical Cadabra ride in order to meet the famous Cadbury drumming gorilla!


Stoneleigh Abbey

This place is a favourite spot for all history lovers. The rich history of Stoneleigh Abbey began in the year 1154 when King Henry II granted the lands to a community of Cistercian monks for them to build a small and prosperous Abbey on this site. Today, as more than 800 years have passed, the structural development of the entire main building as well as the adjacent buildings can be clearly viewed. Here you will see a rich tapestry of architecture, events, landscape, and people. Moreover, yes, all of the historically interesting parts of this site are open for public viewing.

Twycross Zoo

The Twycross Zoo is a centre that is mostly inhabited by primates. Here, you can see over 1,000 animals on show including Bornean Orangutans, Red-kneed Tarantulas,Asian Elephants, Northern White-faced Owls, Inland Bearded Dragons, Boa Constrictors, among many more.


National Sea Life Centre

This place provides an absolutely spectacular underwater voyage that is bound to amaze all. You will get to walk through a giant glass tunne,l which is totally surrounded by a gigantic one million literglass ocean tank, which lets you catch a glimpse of many aquatic animals includingblack tip reef sharks, giant green sea turtles, and tropical reef fish that swim inches from you.


Sunflower Lounge

The Sunflower Lounge can be found tucked away on the dual carriageway situated near New St train station. This quirky, quaint little bar matches plays an impressive alternative soundtrack with a regular program show of DJ nights and live gigs.


Broadway Plaza

This place is constantly buzzing with activities and life. It offers a wide range of jam-packed activities that cater to all occasions and ages, be it parties, birthdays, nights out or any other celebrations. Also, check out the 12 screen Odeon 3D Multiplex, Broadway Casino, and the 20 lane Bowlplex with and pool pit and Sega arcade.


Great Wall of China

Beijing is located in the north, closer to the port city of Tianjin and surrounded by the Hebei province. This is the hub of the nation’s political, economy, culture, education, communication and transportation advancement of the nation. Basically, Beijing is the heart of China since the Yuan Dynasty, over 800 years back.
The Great Wall of China: one of the wonders of the world. This wall had been built to keep the trespassers out and the inhabitants inside the country. It spans from the Shanhaiguan Pass in the east to the Jiayuguan Pass in the west.
The Forbidden City: This is the largest standing royal palace in the world! This palace hosts 9999 rooms suites and is enveloped within a six meters deep most and a ten meters tall wall. This palace had served as the administrative hub of the nation for five centuries.
The Tiananmen Square: This huge courtyard-like structure is circled by other significant architectural structures including the likes of the Tiananmen Tower, Monument to the People’s Heroes, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, Great Hall of the People and the National Museum.
The Gardens and Mausoleums: The city also hosts a variety of imperial gardens and Mausoleums. Like the Summer Palace, this is spread over an area of 727 acres. Though parts of it have been destroyed, some portions have been restored. Behlai Park is another illustration of a royal garden. The past emperors of china, not only paid attention to the creation of gardens, but also paid heed to the construction of spectacular, mesmerizing mausoleums for themselves. The Ming tombs of the 13 emperors are the perfect illustration of that fact. The Altar of the Moon, the Altar of the Sun, Eastern Qing Tombs, Western Qing Tombs and the Zhongnanhai are such illustrations of the constructions undertaken by the past emperors of China.
Temples: Some of the architectural artifacts can be glimpsed at the temples. The emperors were believed to pay homage to the glory of heaven, in the Temple of Heaven. While the Temple of Earth was worshipped for the glory of the planet Earth, it is believed that the ruler of the Qing dynasty had prayed in the Great Bell Temple for rainfall. The other temples which are found in this city are: Five Pagoda Temple, Temple of Azure Clouds, and Temple of Great Awakening.