Top 3 Most affordable yet stylish Hotels in Tuscany

Villa Ephrussi

Finding an accommodation in Tuscany can make a hole in your pocket if you make an uninformed decision. Here are the top 3 guest houses in Tuscany where you can enjoy a warm stay, and all of that according to your budget. Finding an exotic place in chainti may be a costly affair but if you know where to spend, you can save a whole lot on your trip and spend your savings on something better. Here are the top 3 places you should definitely check out before making any other plans for stay around the area.

Villa Rosa, Panzano, Chainti

If you intend to explore Chainti’s Vinyards, then perhaps this place is for you to stay. The retro feel and rustic furniture sets the tone for your trip. Panzano is a charming town and your stay at the Villa Rosa is bound to be a romantic one. The dinner served is excellent and you can also enjoy the pool. There is also a spacious dining room and two of the largest rooms also include large terrace. It is also perfect for a family who is willing to feel right at home.

Le Due Volpi, Vicchio

If you would like a quiet and peaceful atmosphere then Le Due Volpi is for you. A very inviting kitchen with colourful ceramic tiles and a huge stone fireplace await you. The food is very unique and the culinary excellence of the place is going to amaze you. Chainti could be a home to many overpriced swanky places but this one gives you a chance to spend a perfect time in relatively cheaper price.

Castello di Fonterutoli, Castellina, Chainti

A very rich and imposing wine estate has some of the best tasting wines in the world. There are not many places that are located in such an exotic setting. A completely different kind of a setting offers you the best wine tasting and farm experience. Partly converted into apartments, the rooms are divided into village houses with large dining area and kitchen with a communal sitting, the perfect holiday experience is waiting for you. There are some delicious traditional dishes at your disposal made from locally purchased ingredients. However it may just cost a little more than the above two, but still the cost in budget and worth a try.


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