The City of Lyon

Raukwat Station, Lyon

For most of us travelling is a lot of fun; pack our bags and just be in the open away from our monotonous life, away from our every churning cycle and away from the entire ruckus surrounding us. As we grow up our daily life looses the kick, it loses the foremost element of surprise and this might bore us, irritate us and even throw us into the deep abyss known as depression. Travelling to new places, trying new food item, meeting new people, getting acquainted to them provide us much needed change, a respite in every form possible.

When you think of travelling, you have to think of Europe, specially a place with aging but tasty wine, pastries, cakes and éclairs and one with handsome hunk and beautiful ladies. Yes you guessed it right, the reference is to France. France has some amazing architecture, food, and history. So where to visit in France?

Most of us have heard about the rich heritage of the city of Lyon. Lyon is regarded as the best place to explore Rhône region. Lyon that is historically spelled Lyons is a beautiful and historic city situated in the east central France in the Rhône – Alps region. Lyon is located approximately 470 kilometers (292 miles) from capital Paris. Lyon is the 3rd largest city of France and one of the oldest and richest when it comes to history.

The history of the city goes back to the time of Emperor Julius Ceaser whose lieutenant Munatilus Plancus established the part of the city as a colony. So one can imagine how rich this city is when it comes to history. The buildings are beautifully designed which shows the concept of old Roman architecture and well as the effect of renaissance on the city. France being the center of renaissance always has plenty to offer for the enthusiasts.

Situated on the foot of the Alps and between two beautiful rivers Saône and Rhône, city of Lyon is one of the best places to see the real beauty of nature in contrast with human civilization. The Place Bellecour is a fine urban piazza. The old quarter of Fourvière rises steeply up from the quais of the Saône west of the Rhone. Lyon has been regarded as a world heritage site for the urban ensemble which is beautiful, attractive and breathtaking. The city of Lyon is an epitome of art and architecture. Over the years, history has left many beautiful trademarks all around the city.

France has always been famous for the food and delicacy to offer for its tourist. City of Lyon lives up the trend; in fact it takes it to the whole new level. Lyon is especially known for its mouth-watering cuisine and delicacies. Dishes such as Lyon sausage, tripe Lyonnais and quenelles are known worldwide.

Lyon is a perfect blend of all you need for a holiday. That is history, art and architecture, natural beauty and last but not the least mouthwatering food.


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