Backpacking trip to Barcelona

Often known as the cultural capital of the world, Barcelona has become a favourite destination amongst tourists. The beautiful architecture, lovely parks, Fashion and full of history Barcelona has a lot to offer to its visitors. The experience you get here is absolutely unique to this part of the world and is bound to sweep you right off your feet.

The city is surrounded with emerald green meadows and a beautiful coast which is heavenly. So if you are on a back-packing trip with an intention to explore the city and live each and every moment then some of the below mentioned things you can do. I am going to illustrate the things that you must do while on your trip to Barcelona.

When you arrive

The first thing to do after arriving in Barcelona is to begin your journey by exploring the architecture of the city, it’s advisable to take a walk and explore rather hailing a cab. Most of the city’s buildings date back to the medieval. Sagrada Família church is an example,  Montojuic, casa batllo, Parc de la Ciutadellaare, Montjuïc castle are some of the most iconic buildings. Sant Andreu district offers tourists several picturesque locations and is a must visit. It is easy to find a place that suits your needs and also fits perfectly in your budget.

Rendezvous with music

Espaneol’s love music, so a visit to their concert halls is a must, Razzmatazz, Apolo and Palau de la Música Catalana are magnificent halls, where you can enjoy the music from heart. These halls are designed exquisitely, the carvings done are splendid and these halls can accommodate huge amount of crowd. Spain is also home to several music festivals such as Primavera Sound, and the Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona showcasing the talent of many international artists.

Hiking to feel good, beach to relax

For all of the people out there looking for some adventure sports activities, Montjuïc Mountain is among the beautiful mountains to visit and take a hike; reaching atop the mountain you will see panoramic view of the entire city which will be totally worth every effort that you invested in climbing. And as a sport lover, you can check out Palau Sant Jordi, one of the pavilions which were built since the 1992 Olympics.

Indulge in water sports activities, go fishing, have a party on the yacht or just lie on the beach and relax for the day, or even take a dip into the Mediterranean Sea and rejuvenate yourself. Put a perfect end to the day by parting on the beach with the natives.

No trip is complete without the delicacies

Although there are variety of dishes that you can try here, Sea food is heavily devoured in Spain, so a visit to some of the best restaurants and relishing the experience of seafood will be a perfect ending to your trip. While at your hotel try ordering the local seafood and immerse yourself in a taste that you have never experienced before.


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