Top 3 Most affordable yet stylish Hotels in Tuscany

Villa Ephrussi

Finding an accommodation in Tuscany can make a hole in your pocket if you make an uninformed decision. Here are the top 3 guest houses in Tuscany where you can enjoy a warm stay, and all of that according to your budget. Finding an exotic place in chainti may be a costly affair but if you know where to spend, you can save a whole lot on your trip and spend your savings on something better. Here are the top 3 places you should definitely check out before making any other plans for stay around the area.

Villa Rosa, Panzano, Chainti

If you intend to explore Chainti’s Vinyards, then perhaps this place is for you to stay. The retro feel and rustic furniture sets the tone for your trip. Panzano is a charming town and your stay at the Villa Rosa is bound to be a romantic one. The dinner served is excellent and you can also enjoy the pool. There is also a spacious dining room and two of the largest rooms also include large terrace. It is also perfect for a family who is willing to feel right at home.

Le Due Volpi, Vicchio

If you would like a quiet and peaceful atmosphere then Le Due Volpi is for you. A very inviting kitchen with colourful ceramic tiles and a huge stone fireplace await you. The food is very unique and the culinary excellence of the place is going to amaze you. Chainti could be a home to many overpriced swanky places but this one gives you a chance to spend a perfect time in relatively cheaper price.

Castello di Fonterutoli, Castellina, Chainti

A very rich and imposing wine estate has some of the best tasting wines in the world. There are not many places that are located in such an exotic setting. A completely different kind of a setting offers you the best wine tasting and farm experience. Partly converted into apartments, the rooms are divided into village houses with large dining area and kitchen with a communal sitting, the perfect holiday experience is waiting for you. There are some delicious traditional dishes at your disposal made from locally purchased ingredients. However it may just cost a little more than the above two, but still the cost in budget and worth a try.


The City of Lyon

Raukwat Station, Lyon

For most of us travelling is a lot of fun; pack our bags and just be in the open away from our monotonous life, away from our every churning cycle and away from the entire ruckus surrounding us. As we grow up our daily life looses the kick, it loses the foremost element of surprise and this might bore us, irritate us and even throw us into the deep abyss known as depression. Travelling to new places, trying new food item, meeting new people, getting acquainted to them provide us much needed change, a respite in every form possible.

When you think of travelling, you have to think of Europe, specially a place with aging but tasty wine, pastries, cakes and éclairs and one with handsome hunk and beautiful ladies. Yes you guessed it right, the reference is to France. France has some amazing architecture, food, and history. So where to visit in France?

Most of us have heard about the rich heritage of the city of Lyon. Lyon is regarded as the best place to explore Rhône region. Lyon that is historically spelled Lyons is a beautiful and historic city situated in the east central France in the Rhône – Alps region. Lyon is located approximately 470 kilometers (292 miles) from capital Paris. Lyon is the 3rd largest city of France and one of the oldest and richest when it comes to history.

The history of the city goes back to the time of Emperor Julius Ceaser whose lieutenant Munatilus Plancus established the part of the city as a colony. So one can imagine how rich this city is when it comes to history. The buildings are beautifully designed which shows the concept of old Roman architecture and well as the effect of renaissance on the city. France being the center of renaissance always has plenty to offer for the enthusiasts.

Situated on the foot of the Alps and between two beautiful rivers Saône and Rhône, city of Lyon is one of the best places to see the real beauty of nature in contrast with human civilization. The Place Bellecour is a fine urban piazza. The old quarter of Fourvière rises steeply up from the quais of the Saône west of the Rhone. Lyon has been regarded as a world heritage site for the urban ensemble which is beautiful, attractive and breathtaking. The city of Lyon is an epitome of art and architecture. Over the years, history has left many beautiful trademarks all around the city.

France has always been famous for the food and delicacy to offer for its tourist. City of Lyon lives up the trend; in fact it takes it to the whole new level. Lyon is especially known for its mouth-watering cuisine and delicacies. Dishes such as Lyon sausage, tripe Lyonnais and quenelles are known worldwide.

Lyon is a perfect blend of all you need for a holiday. That is history, art and architecture, natural beauty and last but not the least mouthwatering food.

Backpacking trip to Barcelona

Often known as the cultural capital of the world, Barcelona has become a favourite destination amongst tourists. The beautiful architecture, lovely parks, Fashion and full of history Barcelona has a lot to offer to its visitors. The experience you get here is absolutely unique to this part of the world and is bound to sweep you right off your feet.

The city is surrounded with emerald green meadows and a beautiful coast which is heavenly. So if you are on a back-packing trip with an intention to explore the city and live each and every moment then some of the below mentioned things you can do. I am going to illustrate the things that you must do while on your trip to Barcelona.

When you arrive

The first thing to do after arriving in Barcelona is to begin your journey by exploring the architecture of the city, it’s advisable to take a walk and explore rather hailing a cab. Most of the city’s buildings date back to the medieval. Sagrada Família church is an example,  Montojuic, casa batllo, Parc de la Ciutadellaare, Montjuïc castle are some of the most iconic buildings. Sant Andreu district offers tourists several picturesque locations and is a must visit. It is easy to find a place that suits your needs and also fits perfectly in your budget.

Rendezvous with music

Espaneol’s love music, so a visit to their concert halls is a must, Razzmatazz, Apolo and Palau de la Música Catalana are magnificent halls, where you can enjoy the music from heart. These halls are designed exquisitely, the carvings done are splendid and these halls can accommodate huge amount of crowd. Spain is also home to several music festivals such as Primavera Sound, and the Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona showcasing the talent of many international artists.

Hiking to feel good, beach to relax

For all of the people out there looking for some adventure sports activities, Montjuïc Mountain is among the beautiful mountains to visit and take a hike; reaching atop the mountain you will see panoramic view of the entire city which will be totally worth every effort that you invested in climbing. And as a sport lover, you can check out Palau Sant Jordi, one of the pavilions which were built since the 1992 Olympics.

Indulge in water sports activities, go fishing, have a party on the yacht or just lie on the beach and relax for the day, or even take a dip into the Mediterranean Sea and rejuvenate yourself. Put a perfect end to the day by parting on the beach with the natives.

No trip is complete without the delicacies

Although there are variety of dishes that you can try here, Sea food is heavily devoured in Spain, so a visit to some of the best restaurants and relishing the experience of seafood will be a perfect ending to your trip. While at your hotel try ordering the local seafood and immerse yourself in a taste that you have never experienced before.

A Rendezvous with Rio de Jenario

rio de

Also known as the cultural landscape, as recognized by UNESCO, Rio has become a tourist friendly destination. The city exhibits a lively and amicable culture along with a deep-rooted history. The Portuguese who held the city in 15th Century has influenced the city’s architecture majorly;the French and the English also influence it.

Set in the coastal land, Rio has some of the best beaches offering several recreational activities and water sport activities for its visitors and places to visit such as bars, lounges, and restaurant to enjoy delicious meals. In a way whenever you decide to go, the city will never disappoint you. Here you can enjoy a tropical vacation like no other place.

In the past several years owing to the world cinema, Rio’s beauty has been presented to the world. People have been eager to learn about its history by visiting the museums, visit the famous spots such as Christ the redeemer statue on the Corcovado mountain, it is today one ofthe 7 wonders of the world, Maracanã Stadium for the football lovers it is also one of the world’s largest football stadiums and in the year 2014 it will be hosting the final football world cup match.

The beaches here are really good, you will find many spa resorts, hospitality services, food and bar for the tourist making them enjoy their stay. These resorts are spread across Barra da Tijuca, Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon. These small towns across the beach have developed to accommodate tourists from across the world. If you are looking for a romantic secluded beach, the Prainha beach is at your disposal where you can have some parts of the beach all to yourself.

Rio, a city with beautiful culture has several theatres such as; “Theatro Municipal”, the building is magnificent and has been in existence since ages. “CidadeCidade da Música da Música“, also known as the city of arts is the largest musical hall in South America. Rio is encapsulates pretty much everything you would be looking for.

Rio is very popular for food, the city has an array of cafes where people can chill out and enjoy each other’s company over delicious food. You are always bound to find some lip smacking food around you.

The best time to visit the city is during onset of carnivals; Cordão do Bola Preta, Suvaco do Cristo, Carmelitas, Simpatia é Quase Amor are the ones which bring people together. These carnivals have also been featured in some popular movies as well. The city is beautifully decorated at New Year’s Eve, each year around 2 million people visit Rio to enjoy the celebrations and have an unforgettable experience. In every way Rio is an experience you can’t miss while in Brazil. Here you will witnessthe best of Brazil.

Restoration of Law and Order by Thai Army’s Coup D’etat Policy

thai army

Thai Army’s Official Decision

Thai army has sought to resolve the issues of the state by adopting a coup d’etat method. It had been clear by the official declaration given by the chief of the army, when he said that the military would be helping in restoring the order along with enacting other political reforms. Some of the interim cabinet members along with the leaders of the red shirts were arrested as well as detained.


Martial Law has been in place and is providing an effective framework in order to restore the state’s law and order. Due to this, Bangkok along with the neighbouring provinces has seen a noticeable presence of the military group. As per the tourists, the popular British Foreign Office has alarmed to “exercise extreme caution and remain alert to the situation”. However, it has not yet issued any kind of advice that would appear as stating against travelling in this region.


As per a FCO statement, it has been stated that, “The Chief of the Royal Thai Army has assured safety of all foreigners in Thailand. A number of media outlets have been taken off air and there is a risk that this could extend to the Internet. The military media channels are continuing to broadcast. As the situation is evolving you should monitor local news and social media for developments.”


Daily Life on Normal Basis

Along with these events, a curfew was also announced that ranged between 2200 hours to 500hours. However, this curfew is applicable for those who are travelling to as well as from airport. But people who are arriving or departing must have their respective passports along with their tickets. All the businesses are now operating on a normal mode. Areas outside Bangkok along with tourist destinations, that is within Thailand, like Phuket and Samui are not that affected.

Scuba Diving- A Real Natural Experience!


Different Lives- Different Tastes

You can tell a lot about the person’s personality from the choices he takes.While some people enjoy a fresh breeze ,others can’t stand staying out of the water.Talking about the Scuba Diving Fans.

What is Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is basically an underwater diving. According to this method, a diver must use  appropriate breathing apparatus that would allow him to breathe properly. This is called scuba, which is basically self contained diving. Unlike the other forms of diving, the diver does not have to come up to the surface to breathe in air, scuba divers have to carry their own scubas or breathing apparatus.That helps them breathe for a longer time and saves time and energy as well.

The diver is granted more freedom and liberty to seek the world underneath for he no longer needs to worry about getting to surface to breathe in more.

Live More Underwater with Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can be a great idea when a person is travelling. Since the diver is saving time, he or she can actually stay longer underwater. Tourists who are looking a healthy and refreshing vacation can choose scuba diving as way to bond together. Since one is already pre-equipped with a scuba, family members can spend some quality time underwater, exploring the earth’s hydrosphere. Apart from being family outing, scuba diving has been proved as beneficial to health as well. It has shown remarkable results in burning calories. Kids will be having a real life experience underwater. Standing underwater along with your precious family members, while holding a turtle is something that will be cherished for a life time.

Ideal Places for Scuba Diving

If one is about to choose scuba diving as the major activity during the vacations, one must know that there are many places in which he can enjoy this unique experience. However, it needs to be really a good place, that will able to rekindle the memories with more explorations. Grand Cayman situated on the Caribbean Sea can be an excellent choice. It offers friendly underwater region, by which adults as well as kids can enjoy a lot. There is simply so much to do here, that can be easily defined in words. Next is Bonaire that has lots of protected reefs, Blokarting, 24/7 open facility that makes it as one of favourite diving spots. Apart from Bonaire, you also have Palau, an island situated in the western side of Pacific Ocean, that might just mesmerize you with a whole new water world. A lake that is full of tribal dancers along with non-stingy jellyfish is something that you might regret if you miss it.

Scuba Diving can be an exciting choice altogether for a family outing and vacation. The experience will compel you to fall in love with nature all over again.