Top 2 fishing sites in the world

fishingFor those who love fishing, it is more or less a sport that helps them relax and enjoy the nature. There are dozens of places on earth that offer a world class experience, but there are two places that in my opinion deserve to be mentioned. Apart from fishing, travelling is another passion I have and these places are perfect for that as well. I would be having a lot of fun exploring those places as a traveller.

Lough Corrib, Connemara, Ireland

If fishing is the only passion you have, then I could not help but put this as number one on this list. Ireland offers some exquisite fishing areas wether it’s salmon fishing, Pike fishing, Trout fishing or coarse fishing. If you can manage your trip around May then it is the best time to come here and enjoy all the fishing you want because the village will be in a festive mood and there will be a lot of tourist activity as well. It is also the best time for fishing out the red-fleshed Corrib trout. It is a nice little place in western part of Ireland and certainly hard to miss for fishing lovers. I stayed at the Corrib Wave guesthouse located near Lake Corrib and just two miles from Oughterard. You could also enjoy a good breakfast for just £25 .

River Lochy, Queenstown, New Zealand.

The fishing experts may disagree with me, but River Lochy does deserve a second place in my list. What makes fishing here so special? You cannot match the breathtaking views you see here. The adrenalin capital of the world does get your adrenalin pumping and while you are here for some fishing why not try out some adventure sports some of which are originated right here in Queenstown. Fishing here is also bound to become your adventure sport once you get going with fly fishing. By far this was the most successful location where I really enjoyed fly fishing.  It is essential that you hire a local guide though because there are only two ways to reach the spot. One way is by helicopter and the other is the boat ride through Lake Wakitipu. You will get an accommodation in Queenstown that suites your budget and requirements. Stay a couple of days and do not leave before trying the Navis bungee which is also one of the best in the world.


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