Lose yourself in Malindi, a breathtaking beauty!

iiiiiiiLocated approximately 120km to the north of Mombasa is the gorgeous city of Malindi. The area that is literally two towns in one is home to a number of exquisite beaches, wildlife reserves and medieval Swahili ruins. A number of people flock to this region in order to relax at pristine beaches and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the area. As a visitor, you get to enjoy 96 miles of beautiful palm-shaded beaches, along with the protected coral reefs of Malindi Marine National Park. Malindi Sits on the edge of the Indian Ocean, just south of the equator, it is also rich with historic. It takes on influences from a number of explorers and settlers such as the European settlers, the Portuguese explorers, Indian immigrants, Arab traders in addition to the local custom. You get to relax in the sunny, hot, humid weather of the area throughout the year (with the rainiest months occurring between April and July),this weather makes it the perfect destination for relaxation at the beachside. Aside from basking away under the sand, Malindi offers its visitors a number of mangrove swamps, arid bush land and forests to explore. What to expect in Malindi Malindi provides a beautiful and relaxing destination with a number of activities and places to go. Here is a look at some of the things to expect when planning your trip to Malindi

  • Scuba diving and snorkeling trips is available atMalindi Marine National Park. Also, deep-sea fishing is a must do in this area.
  • The Vasco da Gama Pillar which is a historical landmark that was erected in 1498 by the Portuguese explorer(Vasco) as a navigational aid, it is a bell-shaped coral and stone monument.
  • A visit to the oldest part of Malindioffers you a number of attractions to enjoy like the old-pillar tombs from the 14th c, the Jami Mosque as well as the Church of St.Francis Xavier, which is one of the oldest East African Churches.
  • Take a peek at the Marafa Depression or Hell’s kitchen which is a geological irregularitywith fascinating colors and views.
  • The GediNational Monument with is a hauntedruin in a once-prestigious Swahili trade city.
  • The Ghost Cities of the Swahili Coast that provide visitors with an insight into how ports such as Malindi and Mombasa looked in pre-Portuguese times.
  • The thick jungles of ArabukoSokoke Forest Reserve that allow visitors toexplore wonders such as the rare endemic birds and mammals and the lost townof Gedi with its winding passages and crumbling walls.

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