Go Skiing in Canada as winters are on!

Skiing CanadaCanada is the second largest country where you may witness enormous mountains covered with snow, therefore it turns to be a favourite destination for ski addicts. High level of security, outclass infrastructure, latest transportation facilities, luxury hotels and resorts assure a great spot for vacations. There are various resorts in Canada especially in British Columbia Canada, Albert, Quebec and Ontario where you may enjoy skiing. Other than that Cat skiing and Heli-skiing is also a must for travelers. Let us tell you about them briefly:

Cat Skiing

Cat skiing concept was initiated in Kootenay Rockies around 30 years ago in which typically 14 skiers are transported to a cabin at backcountry through vehicle called Snow-Cat. From here snowboarders start their exciting journey vertical through the fresh tracks unlike highly congested resorts. These days British Columbia Canada is the best spot for Cat skiing where 12 -18 meters of dry powder snowfall is a common thing, hence don’t forget to bring snorkel. In accordance to survey, 98% of people said they shall return back to skiing soon.


In heli-skiing you will be taken to the peaks of mountains covered with snow through helicopter where you may see an astonishing view of landscape. No doubt Heli-skiing is an expensive one but as compared to adventure the price is nothing, especially for snow powder addicts. Skiing down the peaks of mountains shall be the most adventurous day of your life, but of course under the assistance of expertise people. British Columbia alone consist of 34 heli-skiing operators where 20-30 meters of snow falls per season, and 12-20 meter of dry powder each season assures you get a fresh track which is highly less crowded place unlike resorts. Moreover you don’t have to waste time on queues, spend the entire time in fun.

Come to Canada in winters and explore the crazy side of yourself!


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