FIVE MAJOR HISTORICAL LANDMARKS IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIAWell, it is probably the toughest to single out a handful of places from a place where there are hundreds of spots that are second to no other. California has at least one hundred and forty four places that come under the heading of the historical landmarks, what I have tried to do is point out five that would surely top the list in many aspects.

Yosemite Valley

First and the foremost, we go out to all the tourists who dote outdoors, natural beauty and scenic views. The Yosemite Valley National Park is the best that California has to offer. Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the western edge it encompasses an area of 8 miles and includes everything from waterfalls, meadows, Rocky Mountains and lush green trails for both the nature lovers as well as the adventurists.

The most important spot would be the Half Dome, a granite peak atop a mountain that is shaped like a dome cut in half. It is probably the most popular hike that the area has. Administration lets you use cables to ascend the mountain. When you are there do give some time to the El Captain Rock formation located in the north of Yosemite Valley itself, yet again a granite rock cliff is a cliff hangers would certainly enjoy.

Old Customhouse (Monterey, California)

The major reason that has made this Spanish adobe structure important is its historical importance. The building itself is an ordinary example of adobe architecture but it has been there since 1827, and it is the place where the US flag was raised for the first time in California. Back in 1846, California was first announced as a part of the United States and that is when the flag was first raised here.

To get to this place you go first to the Monterey County, California and fetch for the Pueblo de Monterey, Alto California. The Old Customhouse, then known as the Monterey Customs House was promised to be prevented by the Native Sons of the Golden West and later the US government took control and registered it as a National Historic Landmark.

Alcatraz Island

You would probably already know about this one, thanks to the famed Hollywood movie Escape from Alcatraz. The Alcatraz Island is just 1.5 miles offshore the city of San Francisco and falls in the San Francisco Bay. The reason for fame of this island is the Alcatraz Prison that was in operation here between 1933 and 1963.

You can take a ferry from the shore to the island that is popularly known as The Rock. Guided tours take you to the place where you are educated on how the place was turned from a mere island into a lighthouse to a military prison to a federal prison and then finally a tourist spot handled by the National Park Service.

Golden Gate Bridge

Built back in 1937 the Golden Gate Bridge is more than just a bridge, more than just a landmark and more than an asset of the Californian government; for some it is the historical landmark that people identify California with, for some it is one of the most famous sights in the whole of United States of America. It is “possibly the most beautiful, certainly the most photographed bridge in the world” according to Frommers travel guide.

It is a steel structure famously painted dark orange and held together by 1.2 million steel rivets. The construction took $35 million back in 1937, which in today’s terms would be $598,190,875 dollars.

Hearst Castle

Not to be confused with England’s Hurst Castle, this one is actually a mansion built between 1919 and 1947. The place was owned by William Randolph Hearst but after the government took over in 1957, it was converted into a state historic park that houses a massive collection of art and antique pieces. The whole building is an example of magnificence from the Roman temple bearing pool that is named Neptune Pool to the Gothic Study that presents what could be the best place to dig deeper into the antiquities. Standing at the veranda you can look over the openness, the vast grounds that take you into the time when a magnate would have owned it.


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