What to do on New Year’s Eve?


Partying is the prime answer for sure. Most of the times, it is just the party that comes to your mind regardless of the age group to what you belong to. You will certainly be interested to enjoy the occasion to the best to rock it hard all over the night and welcome the New Year dawn with a big yawn late in the afternoon. Yet, while all these activities are not quite peculiar to anyone in the youth hood, gradually when you grow up, you start to realize a lot of essential aspects of life.


New Year’s Eve comes with a mix of emotions; it comes with excitements, regrets and hope for the New Year. It is a time to reflect on the year gone, to analyze your achievements and your failures; a time for many to draw up new resolutions for the coming year with the high hopes of achieving them. It is a time to celebrate with family and friends, to get together and wish each other the very best for the coming year.


Granted that it is also the time when for one reason or the another, a person may opt to stay home away from the public places, away from all the excitement and instead retire back in the comfort of their home. The reason for this wish for quiet could be attributed to the fact that in some places, when the clock strikes midnight, the excitement levels surpass the normal, booze flows freely and is drunk freely, with oftentimes negative effects to both the consumer and the people around.


Major methods of celebration


Even other than that there are plenty of usual routines that we use to follow during the New Year’s Eve is to,


  • Visit the churches for special celebrations in the night
  • Spend time in the resorts
  • Spend time in touring unknown destinations of the coolest kind
  • Sending gifts to the friends and relatives
  • Calling to friends and relative to exchange wishes
  • Emailing to friends and relatives and the most affectionate ones
  • Spending time with the romantic partners all throughout the night to spend quality time that is ever remembered for the whole of the upcoming year


Resolutions: What they are and how to stick to them


When you start to realize with maturity, a lot of essential aspects of life will lighten up in your mind. Fresh perspective is born there. It is where the real New Year comes in. fresh thoughts to lead a great purposeful and meaningful life altogether without getting stuck to the material pleasures of the survival. At the end of the day it is just one life, and you need to make the most out of it.


A majority of people make New Year’s resolutions, in the hopes of changing themselves for the better as well as changing their present circumstances for the better. The resolutions are made with a lot of enthusiasm and the person making them will wholeheartedly wish to make them come true. Unfortunately 88% of the time, the same resolutions that are made are left by the roadside as the New Year progresses, only to be picked up again when the year ends, and the cycle continues.


Regardless of the failure to stick with the resolutions, however, it is best to have hope, keep making the resolutions and try as much as possible to stick with them, because without hope, we simply float along, and without a plan , we simply live life aimlessly!


One of the ways to make your resolution stick is to make the goal a habit. For example, if your resolve is to eat healthy, then each day, you need to substitute your morning pastry for a piece of fruit. With time, you will notice that the habit becomes a part of you and your goal or resolution is accomplished.




A Glad attitude yields glad moments in life just like the Christmas Santa, mirth moods bring you gifts as well. In fact, it is not necessary that you need to be too good all throughout the year. Evidentially, four broad varieties of behavior in human lifestyle do result out of happiness. Positive thinking comes in the first place, next is the sociality or the amiability. Liability and the pre social behaviors are the other kinds. Sociability is about oneself as well as the others too. Happy individuals are those who are quite optimistic in their approach towards most of the aspects in life. If you notice, these people would certainly have a higher self-esteem. They view different areas of life from a happy perspective.