Harbourfront Center-A Must Visit Place in Toronto

Harbourfront CenterIf you are visiting Toronto or planning to visit Toronto, then you will be in for quite a treat because Toronto has a vast array of many interesting places. The CN Tower, St. Lawrence Market, The Ontario Science Center, Eaton Center, Harbourfront Center… etc the city has many spots which are worth visiting.

There is a reason why we think that Harbourfront Center should be included in your list of must visit places, if you are visiting Toronto because it is one place where not only will you be able to witness the creativity and diversity of the Canadian culture, but several other rich cultures from around the world! Basically, the HarbourFront Center is a non-profit cultural organization where programs which are internationally recognized, related to the culture, arts, recreation and education are all showcased.

The sights and sounds, attractions and activities that are offered by the beautiful city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, are exactly what make the place one of the most popular tourist destinations. Each year, tourists from all over the world come here to experience the wonderful culture and see the amazing places that it has to offer. In fact, Toronto has so many places to see and go to, that you will have quite a difficult time in deciding which ones to go to and which ones to skip. But Harbourfront Center should not be skipped at all! You get to see so much experience under just one roof that it would be a shame to cross this place off your ‘must visit’ list. Harbourfront is an award winning place and it has been around for more than 30 years. This place has so many art galleries, craft boutiques, theaters, offices, restaurants, hotels and marinas that you will find yourself short of time, but will not run out of places to see.

It also has the honor of being one of North America’s largest recreational waterfronts which is known for hosting a number of wonderful events that are staged and showcased along the harbor. Some of the most famous events that take place here are the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto International Film Festival, the Caribana Festival and the likes.

It is hands down a very important and famous cultural organization in Toronto, situated at 235 Queens Quay West. It started in 1972 and was first established as a crown corporation by the federal government who wanted to create a waterfront park. However, by 1991, it became a non-profit organization. The funding for this place comes from various corporate sponsors, individual donors, government grants and the vast number of entrepreneurial activities.

Having the capacity to seat around 2,000 people, the Habourfront Center is a place where you will never find yourself short of entertainment. Working with more than 450 community organizations and hosting more than 4,000 events on a yearly basis, the place has something going on all the time. Whether you enjoy dancing, music, literature, arts, theatre, visual arts, film or fine crafts, you are guaranteed to find something that interests you.

Harbourfront Center boasts of its cultural, recreational programs that happen all year round, making the place an enlightening, dynamic, entertaining place for people belonging to all age brackets, giving all of them an equal chance to learn and have fun at the same time. The place offers kind of a full spectrum of activities, ranging from theatre-based performances to the educational workshops to even spontaneous discoveries! The people at Harbourfront aim to provide their visitors, audiences etc with the most stimulating opportunities which would allow them to explore the diverse, rich world of culture and art.

Harbourfront Center prides itself for bridging the gap between learning and contemporary culture. They have their own website as well as where they have given a more detailed explanation of all the activities that they provide, the festivals and exhibitions that they hold, the workshops and classes that they conduct. They even allow schools for trips and other things like that. They even have a section, on their website, with their contact numbers and e-mail addresses which would allow you to contact them if you need to know something more about them or their activities, which has not already been put up on their site. Their website is like a sort of calendar which allows you to see which events are taking place.
If you are planning to visit the Harbourfront, you can check out their website to see which activities and events you should be looking forward to!


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