Kumano Ancient Morality and Onigajo Rock

Kumano and Onigajo Rock

Travelling can have a number of benefits. Many would agree that it is the best way to broaden your horizon and also the most reliable way to get to know about a country’s traditions, its people and its places. Plus, with the availability and ease in the field of transportation, travelling is so much easier than it used to be in the past. So many different modes of transportation are now available to use, from which we can choose: air, sea, road, whatever suits you.

Kumano City:

There are so many places around the world that you can travel to freely. Japan, in particular is a beautiful place to visit. Only 30% of this amazing country is inhabitable, you will find people packed in every nook and corner of this country! Even though the country is densely populated, you will still be able to find a number of places where you can kick back and relax.  One such place is the Kumano City which has an extremely stunning landscape.

Kumano City has always been an ideal place for tourists who are interested in amazing rock formations and trails. The city is located in Mie Prefecture, at a distance of 20 kilometers from the border of Wakayama. Kumano city is also famous for its beautiful shrines.

One such shrine is that in the south of the Kumano city called Hana no Iwaya shrine. A legend says this shrine is where the grave of Izanami is located. Izanami is the deity, whom, with the help of her husband Izanagi, created the earth. Other than this, the three most important shrines of Kumano City are Nachi Taisha, Hongu Taisha and Hayatama Taisha. However, the Hana no Iwaya shrine is considered to be the oldest and most ancient.

The city also offers trails which are great for hiking. Hiking has a number of advantages. One of the coolest things about hiking is that it does not need any preparation of any sort. All you need to do is to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to be able to walk and climb your way, with ease. Hiking on a holiday can be a great way to physically, as well as mentally charge yourself up. Most doctors also recommend hiking as a great way to kick your depression and stress away.  The Magose Pass trail is considered to be that trail which offers the most breathtaking scenery. The major part of this trail takes you through the forest. Kumano City is also popular for its extraordinary rock formations, which you can see at its coastline.

Onigajo Rock:

Two such rock formations are the Onigajo Rocks and the Shishi Rocks. The Onigajo rocks were considered the place where demons dwelt. While the Shishi Rocks are formed in such a way that it seems as if a lion is looking out to the sea. The rock formations are rugged and have been created over time by strong wave erosion as well as mighty earthquakes. Legend says that there once existed a monster, who belonged to the ancient Japan. He went by the name of Oni, and he lived in a ruffed cliff, which is now called Onigajo, or the Demon’s Castle.

From Onigajo extends the Shichiri Mihama Beach, which is known for its sea cliffs in Kumano city. Recently, the Onigajo firework festival has gained a lot of popularity. The fireworks are the self exploding type and happen at the Shichiri Mihama Beach shoreline, during summer. Over 10,00 fireworks are used in this display which paints a very charming picture of the Kumano City.

The Kumano City is worth visiting. Tourismmiejapan.com has great information, if you are willing to plan a visit to this great place. They even have added information about other sights, which you can see while visiting the Kumano City. Moreover, you can also find out various means of transportation which you can avail to get to that place. If you have any further questions you can even call them up, e-mail them, or even fax them.

So what are you waiting for? Next vacation should definitely be dedicated to some ancient civilization or heritage. According to peoples’ experience, the whole world rewinds back to the past, and every other thing you see throughout your tour gives you the pleasure that is never experienced before. In addition, the Japanese are extremely hospitable people. They are very respectful, too. The best way to travel while you are in Japan is through the Japanese Rail system (JR). It is really a great country to visit and has a lot to offer its tourists. If you are planning your next vacation, do consider Japan as an option.


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