Harbourfront Center-A Must Visit Place in Toronto

Harbourfront CenterIf you are visiting Toronto or planning to visit Toronto, then you will be in for quite a treat because Toronto has a vast array of many interesting places. The CN Tower, St. Lawrence Market, The Ontario Science Center, Eaton Center, Harbourfront Center… etc the city has many spots which are worth visiting.

There is a reason why we think that Harbourfront Center should be included in your list of must visit places, if you are visiting Toronto because it is one place where not only will you be able to witness the creativity and diversity of the Canadian culture, but several other rich cultures from around the world! Basically, the HarbourFront Center is a non-profit cultural organization where programs which are internationally recognized, related to the culture, arts, recreation and education are all showcased.

The sights and sounds, attractions and activities that are offered by the beautiful city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, are exactly what make the place one of the most popular tourist destinations. Each year, tourists from all over the world come here to experience the wonderful culture and see the amazing places that it has to offer. In fact, Toronto has so many places to see and go to, that you will have quite a difficult time in deciding which ones to go to and which ones to skip. But Harbourfront Center should not be skipped at all! You get to see so much experience under just one roof that it would be a shame to cross this place off your ‘must visit’ list. Harbourfront is an award winning place and it has been around for more than 30 years. This place has so many art galleries, craft boutiques, theaters, offices, restaurants, hotels and marinas that you will find yourself short of time, but will not run out of places to see.

It also has the honor of being one of North America’s largest recreational waterfronts which is known for hosting a number of wonderful events that are staged and showcased along the harbor. Some of the most famous events that take place here are the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto International Film Festival, the Caribana Festival and the likes.

It is hands down a very important and famous cultural organization in Toronto, situated at 235 Queens Quay West. It started in 1972 and was first established as a crown corporation by the federal government who wanted to create a waterfront park. However, by 1991, it became a non-profit organization. The funding for this place comes from various corporate sponsors, individual donors, government grants and the vast number of entrepreneurial activities.

Having the capacity to seat around 2,000 people, the Habourfront Center is a place where you will never find yourself short of entertainment. Working with more than 450 community organizations and hosting more than 4,000 events on a yearly basis, the place has something going on all the time. Whether you enjoy dancing, music, literature, arts, theatre, visual arts, film or fine crafts, you are guaranteed to find something that interests you.

Harbourfront Center boasts of its cultural, recreational programs that happen all year round, making the place an enlightening, dynamic, entertaining place for people belonging to all age brackets, giving all of them an equal chance to learn and have fun at the same time. The place offers kind of a full spectrum of activities, ranging from theatre-based performances to the educational workshops to even spontaneous discoveries! The people at Harbourfront aim to provide their visitors, audiences etc with the most stimulating opportunities which would allow them to explore the diverse, rich world of culture and art.

Harbourfront Center prides itself for bridging the gap between learning and contemporary culture. They have their own website as well as where they have given a more detailed explanation of all the activities that they provide, the festivals and exhibitions that they hold, the workshops and classes that they conduct. They even allow schools for trips and other things like that. They even have a section, on their website, with their contact numbers and e-mail addresses which would allow you to contact them if you need to know something more about them or their activities, which has not already been put up on their site. Their website is like a sort of calendar which allows you to see which events are taking place.
If you are planning to visit the Harbourfront, you can check out their website to see which activities and events you should be looking forward to!


SeaWorld San Diego-Fun for the Entire Family

SeaWorld San Diego

It always happens that when families travel to different cities, they often look for activities or places where the entire family can have fun. Disneyland is a good example of such places, where your children and you can enjoy the atmosphere. Similarly, in San Diego, there exists a wonderful place of such sort, called SeaWorld. It is considered as one of the top tourist spots which offers not just thrill rides, but a 280,000 gallon aquarium, as well! Think about all the sea animals and creatures that can exist in that one huge aquarium.


SeaWorld San Diego is one of such places where the entire family can have fun and not only fun, they can even receive a bit of information and knowledge regarding the sea and its inhabitants. The SeaWorld has existed for quite some time now and it often reinvents itself to keep things fresh and attract people. The staff and crew at SeaWorld make use of the latest technology in the production of the various shows that are held at the place. This is all to tell you that the SeaWorld is a state-of-the-art kind of a place where there is something for everyone.


For those who are already living in California, they can get themselves seasonal passes or even a SeaWorld membership, which obviously has its perks. If you get the membership you get to have privileges like free parking and unlimited visits! However, if you are a tourist or just another visitor, then you will not be investing in seasonal passes or memberships, but rather paying the admission fee which is significantly inexpensive. And if you book your trip online, the cost of admission is even further reduced! The company offers the lowest prices for tickets on their website.  Also sometimes their website even puts up promo codes which help with other expenses associated with the park.


Activities at SeaWorld:


The SeaWorld is huge and they have a lot of things going on. A good strategy would be to think about what areas of the SeaWorld interest you and then take things from there. Do you like whales? Or would you rather know more about Sharks? Or are you interested more in Sea turtles? If not animals, then how about rides or even live theatrical shows?


If you are somebody who likes rides, then you will not be disappointed, for the park offers some really exciting thrills such as Manta, which is a coaster, shaped just like a Manta itself. You sit on the ride, and fly through the air at fast speeds like a Manta Ray. The ride launched itself into top speeds, just within seconds from when it started.


If you are interested in animals, then obviously you will be having a wide variety to choose from. You will even find penguins there. Penguins are known as one of the most entertaining creatures. At this park, there are about 300 penguins of all sorts, ranging from small Marconi penguins to the Emperor penguins. If you are a penguin fan, you have come to the right spot.


The SeaWorld is so beautifully set up that just a walk around it can also be very pleasing. You can simply just take in and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can even do a bit of shopping there; there are a number of stores located there as well. Shamu Shop, Turtle Rescue Shop, Arctiv Trading Post, Dolphin Treasures… etc these are all very good options from where you can buy souvenirs.


The place also has a number of dining spots, so that means you do not have to go hungry, either! The dining spots offer tasty, hygienic food which you can enjoy. The SeaWorld also offers world class exhibits, interactions with animals in habitats, and they try their best to make it as natural as possible! You can dive into the world of sea turtles and get up close and personal with a number of other incredible creatures. They have a huge video wall, where they project turtle adventures so you can watch turtles trek across the ocean.


They have leather sea stars and sea urchins with spikes. They have a large collection of starfish, too. You can even hold them in your hands, if you feel like. They have a massive under and above ground pool where you can spend your time gazing at killer whales as they glide beneath the surface of the water. This attraction alone can keep you interested for hours!


So, now you know why the San Diego SeaWorld is loved by tourists and even the locals of that area. It definitely is worth a visit, at least once in your life.


New Bury Street (Copley Square)

New Bury Street (Copley Square)

New bury street is one of the most beautiful streets in Boston. It is said to be one of the most crowded and busiest streets in Boston, known for food and shopping.

There are elegant boutique stores on Newbury Street from where you can get the sophisticated designs of the cloths that are not only gorgeous but are also classy. New bury street is said to be one of the finest places in Boston. It is located in Boston’s historic black bay district.

New bury street starts at the public garden and it ends at the Massachusetts Avenue that is on the left of Newbury Street. If you are looking for a place from where you can find every variety of cloths then Newbury Street is the place that can fulfill all your desires. It would be justified to say that the Newbury Street is one of those places in Boston where you find versatility in every aspect. New bury street is equally good for the people of different ages. From men to women, children’s fashion, everything is available on Newbury Street. Shoes, jewelry, and other accessories are easily obtainable with enormous variety on Newbury Street.

New bury street is that kind of place that is worth watching. The restaurants that you will find on Newbury Street provide you quality and variety of food that you won’t find anywhere else in Boston. One of the aspects of Newbury Street is that there are a number of quite old and antique shops. If you are in love with music that was made in the early 80’s you can find that kind of music stores at Newbury Street.

Copley square is one of the finest places to visit in bay district thanks to the variety of shops that you see on Newbury Street. Copley square is not only famous trendy market but also a famous historic place; buildings like McKim, Copley place and the trinity church are all located at Copley square. Thousands of people gather round the Copley square every year in order to celebrate the New Year’s Eve.

Just few blocks away from the Newbury Street there are number of convention centers that are developed in such a way that a larger number of people can gather. The number of parks round the square makes it more interesting and beautiful. These parks have always been attractions for the events like music concerts. The most famous park at bury street is Esplanades park that is known for the events like music concerts. If you are one of the food lovers and need to have the kind of a place where you find the perfect ambience, then Copley square would be a right place that you wanted.

Charles River is one of those rivers passing through the Copley square and it is more interesting to watch when it goes parallel to Newbury Street. The high percentage of people go to Copley square just for window shopping, the elegance in style is the greatest temptations for the visitors. Wide sidewalks on Newbury street enables visitors to have a space though where they can easily enjoy the themes of the stores. It is not just the sidewalks that make Newbury Street striking, but the draught that makes it even more stunning.  Whenever you are asked to refer to the best tourist spots in Boston then Coplay square is one of those places that can be referred to with confidence. One of the reasons that Copley square is being an expensive place in Boston is that there are expensive residential areas round the corner. These residential areas have been occupied by the wealthier residents who make it even more expensive. Arlington station is the one that is nearest to Copley Street, it is located at the west end of the black bay district. For convenience of the visitors, Copley square streets are named alphabetically so that it would be easier for the visitors to find. The streets are in alphabetically order with names starting with A and then B. You don’t often find these types of arrangements anywhere else in Boston.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grand Canyon Skywalk  is an extraordinary horseshoe-shaped ‘Glass Bridge’ which is located a mile over the beautiful Colorado River. This glass walkway reaches 70 feet from the edge of the Grand Canyon and provides an interesting vertical view down the rim of the canyon. The Grand Canyon Skywalk  is located about 120 miles east of Las Vegas, in Nevada. The glass bridge was built by a certain Hualapai Tribe which aimed to provide a different and unique Grand Canyon experience. The structure became a huge hit, and people came from far and wide to visit it. The inauguration of the Grand Canyon Skywalk took place on the 20th of March, 2007. Among the first people to ever step on this one-of-a-kind structure was Buzz Aldrin.

Grand Canyon and Safety:

Most people often wonder how safe is the Skywalk. The Glass Bride is nearly more than three times higher than the famous Empire State Building. Over one million pounds of steel was used to build this amazing structure! That means that the building can easily stand the weight of 71 fully loaded Boeing 747 planes, which estimates to be around over 71 million pounds. Not only the weight, but the Skywalk can also easily withstand winds blowing at 100 miles per hour, from eight different directions.

When the Grand Canyon Skywalk was being built, the engineers spook special steps which would help them in dealing with earthquake emergencies. The structure is built in such a manner that it can stand an earthquake of up to 8.0 on the Richter scale. That is a pretty strong earthquake and can easily bring down buildings, but the Skywalk can get through it.

The Controversy of Grand Canyon Skywalk:

The Grand Canyon Skywalk has a bit of controversy surrounding it, as well. There are people who speak against it while some speak for it.  Those who are against it are concerned that this famous tourist attraction is nothing but an eye sore. Conservationists are of the opinion that the Skywalk is not good for one of the greatest natural wonders, as the Skywalk is turning the Grand Canyon into a commercial tourist attraction. Some people also believe that the Skywalk is lowering the historical, as well as cultural, values of the Grand Canyon and the Hualapai Tribe. Then there are people who raise an issue over the fact that since the Hualapai tribe has very limited infrastructure, how they would be able to support the resorts, currently, there is no telephone or electrical service in the area, no sewer system etc. Managing the resorts and attractions under such circumstances would become extremely difficult.

However, those who are in favor of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, believe that the Glass Bridge is simply a unique tourist spot, which offers something, which no other place in the world does. They also believe that since this Glass Bridge is one of its kind in the whole world and people from all over come to visit it, so this can be an effective mean for the Hualapai tribe to make more money. They also feel the new Grand Canyon West development will prove to be beneficial for the local economy.

The 6,000 square-foot development which comprises the Glass Bridge is called the Grand Canyon West. It includes a gift shop, a visitor’s center and even a nice restaurant. The Hualapai Tribe has further plans for extending their project and including other things like hotels and shopping centers. Setting up movie theatres and VIP lounges are also part of the plan. They also plan on building a golf course close to the Glass Bridge. Their biggest plan comprises to include cable cars as a mean of transportation, which the tourists could use to travel from the canyon rim to the Colorado River.

Cost of Tickets:

The tickets to the Skywalk are available at pretty affordable prices. Adults are charged $29.95, whereas children of 3-11 years are charged $22.46. Those belonging to the Senior group or to the Military are charged $26.96, only. The tickets are not that expensive considering you can see experience the Grand Canyon from an angle, like never before. You may also stay on the bridge as long as you want.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is definitely the first of its kind, and people from far and wide visit it. It is indeed one of the most popular tourist attractions. You may be allowed to stay on the bridge for as long as you want, but you cannot take pictures of it, with your own personal camera. They have their own stationary cameras which can take pictures for you, which you can later pick up from the gift shop. All in all, it is definitely worth visiting.

Angkor Wat, the Largest Religious Monument in the World

Angkor WatConsidered as one of the most famous tourist attractions of Cambodia, the Angkor Wat Temple is absolutely breathtaking and full of glory. People from far and wide travel to Cambodia to visit the temple.  The temple has a lot of historical importance, as well. ‘Angkor Wat’ literally means ‘city temple’. The word ‘Angkor’ is a vernacular form of the word ‘nokor’ which has been derived from the word’ nagara’. Nagara means capital and is a word from the Sanskrit language. Whereas, ‘Wat’ is a Khmer word which means ‘temple’. Previously, the temple was called Preah Pisnulok, which was the title of the founder of the Angkor Temple, King Suryavarman II.

The Angkor Wat Temple was built for one legendary king, King Suryavarman II, somewhere in the 12th century. Most temples, which were built around this time, could not stand the test of time and now are no less than just ruins. This fact makes the Angkor Wat stand out even more, as it is one of the few temples which has been perfectly preserved, till this day. The religious importance of this temple is that it not only represents just a single religion, but also it embodies the universal benefits of almost all the religions that are out there in the world. The Angkor Wat is no less than a nation symbol, which makes its appearance even on the nation’s flag!

The origin of the Angkor Wat temple was to honor Vishu. Initially, when it was built, it was considered a symbolic representation of  the ‘centre of the universe’. Truth of the matter is though the temple is majestic, but it is not the centre of the entire universe. However, it can be said with confidence that this temple is very definitely the centre of Cambodia, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Not only does the temple serve as a major tourist attraction, it is also an excellent example of art and architecture. Those who see the Angkor Temple for the first time say that the brilliance and the magnificence of the temple are awe-inspiring.

Speaking of its architecture, Angkor Wat Temple is surrounded by walls, which is again surrounded by a moat. This may seem as if Angkor Wat Temple appear like a castle straight from the medieval era, but it is not the case. Inside the temple, you are greeted by galleries and ponds. Even chapels! It is said that these Chapels were built to pay homage to Vishu. These galleries, chapels and ponds still look as beautiful and stunning as they did when they were built. Obviously, this means that a lot of hard work must go into keeping the Temple look as beautiful and polished as possible.

One of the major things that you come across in the Angkor Wat Temple is the throne of the King. As mentioned earlier, that the entire temple was built for King Suryavarman II, and it is because of him that the temple exists. Throughout the temple, you are likely to find various objects and items that were built to honor the king, but the most impressive out of all these things is the King’s Throne. Just the throne alone gives you a glimpse of how glorious the king himself be!

The temple is also said to be a symbolic representation of ‘Mount Meru’, which holds an extremely important and sacred place in the Hindu faith. The temple has many carvings too, which are said to be depicting the scene from the great Mahabharata. Mahabharata is an impressive Hindy story of epic Khmer battles. These carvings can be seen properly during day time that is why most tourists visit the Angkor Wat temple in the morning. Not only this, but the morning sun highlights many delicate features of the temple, like the Asparas, which are carved into the temple’s pillars and walls. Tourists also like to visit the Temple, a little later in the evening, when the sun is about to set. The rising sun and the setting sun, both make the Temple look even more glorious.

The Angkor Wat Temple can be easily placed with other remarkable places like The Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China …etc. Those who visit the Temple believe that no documentaries or pictures can ever do justice to the grandeur of the Temple which is experienced when you actually visit the Angkor Wat Temple for real. The Angkor Wat Temple has so many things to offer that it is not possible to go through all of them in just one single visit. People, who like travelling, should definitely mark Angkor Wat as their next travel destination and experience the Temple’s splendor, first hand.

Kumano Ancient Morality and Onigajo Rock

Kumano and Onigajo Rock

Travelling can have a number of benefits. Many would agree that it is the best way to broaden your horizon and also the most reliable way to get to know about a country’s traditions, its people and its places. Plus, with the availability and ease in the field of transportation, travelling is so much easier than it used to be in the past. So many different modes of transportation are now available to use, from which we can choose: air, sea, road, whatever suits you.

Kumano City:

There are so many places around the world that you can travel to freely. Japan, in particular is a beautiful place to visit. Only 30% of this amazing country is inhabitable, you will find people packed in every nook and corner of this country! Even though the country is densely populated, you will still be able to find a number of places where you can kick back and relax.  One such place is the Kumano City which has an extremely stunning landscape.

Kumano City has always been an ideal place for tourists who are interested in amazing rock formations and trails. The city is located in Mie Prefecture, at a distance of 20 kilometers from the border of Wakayama. Kumano city is also famous for its beautiful shrines.

One such shrine is that in the south of the Kumano city called Hana no Iwaya shrine. A legend says this shrine is where the grave of Izanami is located. Izanami is the deity, whom, with the help of her husband Izanagi, created the earth. Other than this, the three most important shrines of Kumano City are Nachi Taisha, Hongu Taisha and Hayatama Taisha. However, the Hana no Iwaya shrine is considered to be the oldest and most ancient.

The city also offers trails which are great for hiking. Hiking has a number of advantages. One of the coolest things about hiking is that it does not need any preparation of any sort. All you need to do is to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to be able to walk and climb your way, with ease. Hiking on a holiday can be a great way to physically, as well as mentally charge yourself up. Most doctors also recommend hiking as a great way to kick your depression and stress away.  The Magose Pass trail is considered to be that trail which offers the most breathtaking scenery. The major part of this trail takes you through the forest. Kumano City is also popular for its extraordinary rock formations, which you can see at its coastline.

Onigajo Rock:

Two such rock formations are the Onigajo Rocks and the Shishi Rocks. The Onigajo rocks were considered the place where demons dwelt. While the Shishi Rocks are formed in such a way that it seems as if a lion is looking out to the sea. The rock formations are rugged and have been created over time by strong wave erosion as well as mighty earthquakes. Legend says that there once existed a monster, who belonged to the ancient Japan. He went by the name of Oni, and he lived in a ruffed cliff, which is now called Onigajo, or the Demon’s Castle.

From Onigajo extends the Shichiri Mihama Beach, which is known for its sea cliffs in Kumano city. Recently, the Onigajo firework festival has gained a lot of popularity. The fireworks are the self exploding type and happen at the Shichiri Mihama Beach shoreline, during summer. Over 10,00 fireworks are used in this display which paints a very charming picture of the Kumano City.

The Kumano City is worth visiting. Tourismmiejapan.com has great information, if you are willing to plan a visit to this great place. They even have added information about other sights, which you can see while visiting the Kumano City. Moreover, you can also find out various means of transportation which you can avail to get to that place. If you have any further questions you can even call them up, e-mail them, or even fax them.

So what are you waiting for? Next vacation should definitely be dedicated to some ancient civilization or heritage. According to peoples’ experience, the whole world rewinds back to the past, and every other thing you see throughout your tour gives you the pleasure that is never experienced before. In addition, the Japanese are extremely hospitable people. They are very respectful, too. The best way to travel while you are in Japan is through the Japanese Rail system (JR). It is really a great country to visit and has a lot to offer its tourists. If you are planning your next vacation, do consider Japan as an option.

A virtual visit to Newbury Street (Copley Square) – Fly over soon to Boston!

Newbury StreetNewbury Street in Boston is not originally a “street” but has emerged from the water. Its history is charming and intriguing which is an important perk to attract the growing customers as it is seen to have today. The Newbury Street of Copley Square, 2 miles long, was merely a part of the harbor. Boston Harbor gradually began to fill and became the Black Bay by the start of 1857. With efforts of neighboring communities and architectures, the part of a harbor became a well-known street with the feel of seashore and retaining the taste that called out to people from all over west and east, hence, making Newbury a desirable place to visit or stay. The buildings are seen to be of European design as built back hundreds of years ago, and appear better as a residential neighborhood. In later proceeding years, people became greatly attached to this pleasant arrival as it was a surprising construction with burning furnaces and all luxuries for a peaceful, comfortable stay.

Though the coal-furnaces may not last till now, but the feel and taste, as well as the original structuring of the street lingers permanently. It is also squeezed out from being a residential place to being a mere street representing culture and coming in retail uses. Molding quite beautifully with the modern 21st century frame, Newbury Street is now more of a tourist destination, being part with the exclusive representative stretch of Los Angeles and New York as it now displays the country’s culture and fashion style far more breathtakingly for tourists, given the lingering effect of the sea and harbor. It is also now known as the “Redo Drive of East” since clearly the 2 miles has taken more life itself than the original architectural design it was labeled with. Full of latest amenities and glimmering lights of diners, clothing shops and hotels, the street of Boston has proven to be the home for independent and establishing shops and diners.

It is fairly equipped, furnished and decorated with all the latest possible challenges, and the visit is always worth of time and money. People having gone there declare one experience to Newbury Street of Boston as renovating an ordinary man to a second-class citizen. The street is a complete mixture of all those lacking and uniqueness that many sidewalks and streets possess. There are clothing shops of sports apparel, men and women’s latest fashion in the market and Bettie Page Clothing as being the most famous children’s shop in Boston. As for the refreshment and food cafes, Starbucks is another well-known café for tea and coffee. While Pavement Coffee House is listed under heavenly sandwiches and other refreshments. There are also numerous hair salons and bars, as well as theatres and five-star rated accommodations with full parking space. Boston is renowned for presenting tourists and holiday-ers with thrilling, sophisticated and absolutely blissful hotels that have always succeeded to make the vacations of either a tourist or local a memorable one. With more than 550 reviews, it has no doubt emerged from the water as one of the finest and exclusive 2 mile long walk, no more less than the 5th Avenue of New York City. Originally an architectural master piece, and retaining this European design on buildings, it transformed into at first a sole residential area, and then began the journey of representing Boston’s simple fashion as the top-latest, tempting each and every shopper to try on with any item among thousands. “Shopping Extravaganza” as titled by another customer, there can not be a trace of uncertainty in Newbury offering either expensive, designer clothes, or tailored yet equally elegant inexpensive apparels for all phases of life. Equipped well for either a walk, or a shop, a downtown visitor or a high-class citizen, Newbury has managed to pull the strings in each of us by its old building blocks, glasses shops, exclusive items at a reasonable cost, and the mesmerizing accommodation constructed.

The facilities may go on, and the stars rated for Newbury Street are far beyond ten even. It is absolutely a place worth further examining and carries  uniqueness and originality that no luxury street in either New York or Vegas can compete with. Hence, the mere part of Boston Harbor has undoubtedly took each of its visitors’ breath away, or even of those who read about it since the maintenance and furnishing of a 2 mile long road is a work of ideal, and the effort of all those communities who devoted to pull it off as a renowned competitive of other exclusive American cities, is certainly paying off today.  Therefore, there should not be any more wait!