Weiyuan Fort -Historical Facts That Surmise US All

Weiyuan FortWeiyuan fort is an ancient monumental artifact that stands tall robustly in the twenty first century too in the foot of the mountains called beiwu, by the chuangpi ocean side. weiyuan fort is not just made for architectural beauty. It is a great defensive fort from the coastal side for the humen empire during the period of the opium war. Along with two more forts the weiyuan fort forms a shape of land pyramid to be solid obstacle for any inflitrants.  River from across the length and quite narrowly too. You can see the spiles that connected with the iron chains just between these forts. This is a deliberate constructional beauty that is a defensive measure to prevent any of the rivalry ship from navigating inside their dominion. Altogether you can see about 40 cannons out there in the right locations where any foreigner could easily locate it.

Assaults will be ubiquitous in that way for the enemy to panic and run away from the place. Such a great defensive weiyuan fort is a tourist spot today for the people from all over the world to look and wonder about its amazing special features. You can see the ancient Chinese writings in the walls and the symbols that do represent their culture, heritage and true stories of the past too. These legends are actually the morale boosters for the modern day Chinese youngsters to believe in themselves in whatever they do and to fight with a lot of determination to achieve in their goals successfully. The robustness of the weiyuan fort portrays the strong will power and the determination of the ancient Chinese men who just belong to the weakest Mongolian race, physic wise. The strongest Negro race is the dominant gene in the whole world physic wise according to the genetic combination.

There is not any biased opinion in these logical proven evidential facts though. These are facts of nature that ever one of us has to accept. On the other hand, the intellectual capacity of the human races cannot be judged on a common basis though. It is purely dependent upon the individual and it differs by far from one person to the other. Chinese Mongolian race is dominates the Asian subcontinent by far with so much people inhabiting almost all over the Far East. Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, honking, Bangkok and so on, everywhere you could see the Chinese people ruling the world by all means. weiyuan fort is not just the only attraction that you can see here in this part of the world. There are better attractions too. GuanTianpei along with his fellow men fought against the enemy in this part of the world. weiyuan fort protected them from the enemies in that way.

Some of the Chinese desserts, soups, and sauces are of medicinal value too. At the end of the day, you need to see to that you are striking a proper balance in the ration of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that you assimilate in your body.  When you are aware of these fundamentals, and also do keep a conscious control in what you intake, then you lead a healthier life altogether. Healthy skin is naturally a byproduct of such an organized life style. In and around this region of humen, weiyuan fort, you can find a lot of rarest herbs.

Indigofera tinctoria indigo is the botanical name of the plant from which you get the black henna. Similarly, there are also green plant powders of two other kinds. They are red henna and the neutral henna.  The smell of the neutral henna would resemble freshly cut grass. The antraquinone present in the neutral henna is quite effective. It is called as the crysophanic acid. It is one of the noteworthy antifungal as well as antimicrobial agents that are found so far. It works well against the action of bacteria too. It can turn the greyish hair to about pale yellow colour.  Damaged hair could be repaired and the individual that uses the neutral henna would get a complete, glossy and healthy hair altogether. Similarly there are plenty of meritorious facts medicinewise when you research a lot in this chuangpi ocean side, weiyuan fort, humen. One better example for this is the red henna found in abundance in weiyuan fort surroundings.

Red henna is something that would smell similar to the common hay. The leaves of this particular type of red henna do pose the red orange dye molecules. It is why you could get that red orange stain in the hair for quite long time even after removing the hair mask of red henna.  It is possible to get a heavy, thicker and silkier hair when you use this type of henna regularly.  Black henna is one another green powder that would smell similar to the cold peas.  Weiyuan fort has so many impressive features that could be listed extensively in that way.


Pedestrian Shopping Street


Pedestrian shopping streets are the key of making the communities more fun, especially when they are well managed, designed and tactically connected to the networks of bike routes, pedestrian paths and public transit. People worldwide want their neighbourhoods, communities, cities, towns, and villages to be fun. Every community provides its residents with options to enjoy a quality of life by letting them live in the selection of housing options and to take public transport, bike or to walk to travel to the places that they need to go every day like health facilities, recreational areas, parks, shopping malls, grocery stores, schools and work.
Network oriented community mobility like networks of public transportation, bicycle routes and pedestrian paths, when combined with other neighbourhood components like liveable streets, dedicated cycling routes and pedestrian shopping streets make a key contribution towards the communities in making them liveable. The pedestrian shopping streets are designed in a manner that the residents can comfortable and go there without the use of their private vehicles. The pedestrian shopping streets are very popular in Europe, though they exist elsewhere too. These streets usually consist of a single street, at times two or maybe more streets that happen to interconnect with each other, mostly by a square, in order to form a longer and linear lineal street.
The central part and the heart of these shopping streets are an outdoor landscaped zone especially for pedestrians, which is mostly managed and designed to reach a desired socio-economic outcome and environmental character. There is a variety of establishments that are arranged on both sides of the streets that sell services and goods to people, such as department stores, banks, fashion and lifestyle stores, bakeries, grocery stores, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, boutiques and souvenir shops. These establishments generally include special events, seasonal attractions, weekly market days, museums, historic buildings, and famous churches. When a pedestrian shopping street is quite long, you will possibly find a few side streets along with it. These side streets usually loop or start off, near or at the exterior edging of the pedestrian street and lead to the next street away from the pedestrian shopping street.
The sides streets of the Pedestrian shopping streets usually extend the shopping from the Pedestrian shopping streets, contain other land uses like commercial offices and housing, allow on-street parking, allow cars and have traditional sidewalks. Generally, the Pedestrian shopping streets offer car parking along the streets on the sides of the Pedestrian shopping streets and in the other nearby areas. Also, the departmental stores that are large provide indoor parking in their own building for their customers. So, many of the shoppers park their cars in these parking areas. Though, the main flow of shoppers that come to the Pedestrian shopping street consists of bikers and pedestrians living in the area or the surrounding areas, and others from the city or also its outer suburbs.
The potential shoppers on these streets also include tourists as potential shoppers. Though, these shopping streets are meant only for the pedestrians, but they do allow police and emergency vehicles, whenever necessary, also supply and service vehicles before and after shopping hours.
Many of the pedestrian shopping streets allow bikers to ride their bicycle at walking speed, however, when these streets are very crowded, most of the cyclists prefer parking their cycles in the bike parking along the shopping street and then walk to wherever they want to go. Some of the cities do not allow cyclists during their pedestrian shopping streets.
The Pedestrian shopping streets are crowded usually with window shoppers, tourists, shoppers and people of all ages who come here to have fun, get some fresh air, relax, socialize, recreate, eat, stroll, observe or shop. Outdoor cafes, restaurants, musicians and street entertainers, sculptures, sitting areas, and water fountains make the Pedestrian shopping streets very enjoyable, attractive and lively; and the absence of vehicles make them very safe. The Pedestrian shopping streets are quite vibrant and busy during special events and celebrations like weekly markets and Christmas season. Many of the pedestrian shopping streets generate a very high volume of pedestrian traffic.
It is quite apparent that the high volume of pedestrian traffic, results in economic success and good business for both pedestrian shopping street owners and retailers. The success of a Pedestrian shopping street depends on the following:
1. They need to be easily and readily accessible from work and business places, office buildings and residential areas.
2. They need to be very well connected with the public transportation system.
3. They need to be connected to the bicycle routes and pedestrian systems.
4. They need to offer bicycle parking’s at the entry of the pedestrian shopping street or allow the
cyclists to park their bikes along the street especially if the shopping street is very long.
5. They need to be managed, designed and planned on a regular basis for its success.