Hoan Kiem Lake – Lake of the Returned Sword


Maybe, you do not know which country to visit. The options are countless, but if you are looking for an exotic nation, you can think on Vietnam. This amazing territory offers many unique attractions to its visitants. One of the most beautiful is Hoan Kiem Lake, Lake of the Returned Sword. This lake is located in the core of Hanoi, Vietnam which holds the honor of being the capital city of this nation. If you want to visit a relaxing destination where a bond between history and nature is created, do not hesitate on traveling to Hanoi and definitely it’s Hoan Kiem Lake.

The history of Hoan Kiem Lake is as amazing as the nature kept in this place. According to specialists, the Lake of the Returned Sword was connected to the Red River, but throughout thousands of years, this lake has suffered great geographical changes. Now, it is located miles away from the Red River. Aside from its geographical origin, this lake became a famous place in Vietnam due to the legends that surround it. It was first known as Luc Thuy Lake (Green Water Lake), but this name was changed when the legend of Le Thai To took place. After that story, the lake began to be known as the Lake of the Returned Sword. The legend about Emperor Le Thai To started six centuries ago when this important character was committed committed to defeating the Chinese that were established in Vietnam. He only achieved it because the Golden Turtle God gave him a magic sword. The power of that precious object was unparalleled, and it made the Vietnamese regain their territory. After the Emperor Le Thai To won the war, he went to Hoan Kiem Lake where a turtle took away his sword. The Emperor could not believe it, so he sought the sword and the turtle, but he found nothing at all. After analyzing the unpleasant event, he considered that the turtle that grabbed his sword was the Golden Turtle God. It is believed that the divine creature reclaimed the sword because although it was used to destroy the Chinese rulers, it belonged to the divine world of the gods.

After the legend of Emperor Le Thai To, all rulers belonging to the Le dynasty improved the Hoan Kiem Lake. They made of this lake a majestic destination where all people would like to spend their leisure time. These kings generously contributed to the embellishments of this place, as a sign of admiration towards the Emperor Le Thai To for he made Vietnam a free nation.

Around this majestic place, some astonishing constructions were built. Some of them were the Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge and the Pen Tower. We cannot forget that in the middle of this marvelous lake is located the Turtle Tower. This structure was built by the King Le Thanh Tong. It is said that this ruler used to fish there, and he also built the tower as a sign of respect and devotion towards the Golden Turtle God that saved the Vietnamese people from the Chinese invaders.

Nowadays, the Hoan Kiem Lake (Lake of the Returned Sword) still keeps those tourist attractions. Aside from being places that any person should visit, they constitute the historical origin of Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi and Vietnam. For instance, the Ngoc Son Temple is an important destination found on the Lake of the Returned Sword. It was expanded in 1865. The Huc Bridge links it to the shore. This majestic bridge as well as the Ngoc Son Temple is a place that cannot be missed by visitors. Both constructions are evidence of the rich history that surrounds this exotic destination. We cannot forget that the Turtle Tower is still located in the middle of the lake, and it is considered by many people to be one of the most astonishing constructions in Vietnam.

Hoan Kiem Lake (Lake of the Returned Sword) is a place that you cannot miss. If you are going to travel to Hanoi, Vietnam, you will probably be recommended to visit this exotic lake. Remember that the Lake of the Returned Sword as well as its multiple attractions is a place where tourists can learn more about the Vietnamese culture and nature. You will not regret about going to Hoan Kiem Lake because aside from learning some of the stories and legends that surround this majestic place, you will be able to spend some time with your loved ones in a relaxing location. You can visit it by yourself, or you can look for excellent tours guided by Vietnamese people that know everything about this spellbinding place.

Do not let this opportunity vanish away, go pack your stuff, and get ready to travel to one of the most beautiful places on earth. The pleasant moments that you will live there will become incomparable events that you will always want to recall.


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